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Medicine Wombyn
Transformational Ceremony and Retreat

This November 17th to 22nd gather with heart centered and like-minded medicine sisters for 6 days of embodied prayer. Join me in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala for a true ceremony of Thanks-giving, celebrating and honoring the Earth, our bodies, and Great Spirit.

We will be communing with the 4 Elements in ceremony; and connecting the sacred medicines of the earth and our Divine Feminine Energy to amplify and transform our healing prayers for ourselves, our ancestors, and the collective.

The sacred medicine of Kambo will be offered during this retreat to purfiy, heal and strengthen the body, mind, and spirit. We are in a special time of transformation, and the medicine of Kambo is here to help us with our personal and collective healing.

The three-day Warrior of Light Kambo cleanse that is being offered is optional but suggested (also it is included in the price). This retreat is a unique experience, where you can dive deep into your sacred cleanse with the support of sisterhood, sacred space and clean nutrition. We will be respecting the prayers of all those present, sharing in sacred silence, integration circles, and having plant-based meals throughout the day. Yoga/ Movement, Breathwork, Vocal Activations, Medicine Music and Sound healing will be offered daily.

We will also enjoy play time, exploring dance, movement, conscious connection games, music jams and more. All of you is welcome here.

We are calling in all sisters ready to serve our global community of healers and warriors; who ready to embody the shift and healing we want to see in the world.

If you would like to register for more information, please email me directly to


DAY 1 : Welcome Day

          Grounding Yoga and Opening Ceremony


DAY 2: Heart of the Earth

Coming home to embodied prayer, nature's intelligence & sustainability

      - Understanding how to heal ourselves and the Earth

      - Working with the seasons and medicine wheel

      - Self-love & Detoxing

      - Earth Medicine

      - Walking in Beauty & Gratitude

      - Community Building


*Kambo Ceremony 1 (optional)


DAY 3: Heart of the Air

Coming home to presence & expanding our hearts.

      - Breath, Sound, and & Light Language

      - Tree of light - Voice Activation

      - Becoming Light - Crystalline Consciousness

      - Exploring Magick


*Kambo Ceremony 11 (optional)

DAY 4: Heart of the Water


Coming home to our Sacred Waters, understanding emotional intelligence,

purification, and sensual alchemy

      - Making space for healing

      - Integrating Light & Shadow

      - Developing Intuition

      - Feminine Alchemy

      - Divine Feminine Womb Wisdom

*Kambo Ceremony 111 (optional)

DAY 5: Heart of the Fire 


Coming home to the fire within, understanding Self-worth, and transforming passion and pain into purpose.

      - Sacred Rage

      - Self-love & understanding your Highest Excitement

      - Self Esteem 

      - Developing discipline, vitality and drive

      - Motivational Mantras



     - Communing with our Higher Self

     - Embodying Higher LOVE

DAY 6: Closing Integration Ceremony and check out


Early Bird Price: $999 usd
(before Aug 22nd) 

Price after: $1,111 USD

Includes Food, ShaRED Accommodation, and ceremonies.



It is my deepest honor to carry the medicine of Kambo, and it is with great humility that I share this sacred space and transformational opportunity with you.

This medicine has brought me countless blessings, it has truly transformed my life from the inside out. Want to know more about how it can support your healing journey, email me and ask me any question.

I have worked with Kambo for my personal healing for 5 years now, sitting in close to 40 ceremonies; and have been serving my community of sisters, light workers, and priest/priestesses for over 3 years, sharing in more than 300 ceremonies.

I have also had the opportunity to collect the medicine myself from the Amazon in Peru and have several teachers and mentors that continue to teach and show me the way for walking this path with respect and beauty. This medicine has been collected by the widowed women of the Matses. It is a blessing and miracle to share medicine collected by indigenous women's hands for this Sacred Feminine ceremony. Women need each other to heal; we need safe and sacred space to open ourselves fully, I am here to hold that space for you.

Each ceremony is a unique and powerful opportunity for you to reveal more of your true self through the purging and release of all that is not truly you.
The medicine of kambo supports and serves individuals by cleansing and detoxifying the body, mind, and spirit of illness, pain, trauma, dark, and dense energies.

It can also support and boost the immune system in healing more serious disease.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin, .. All my relations. I honor you in this circle of life with me today. I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer...

In la k'ech, a ka kin,
I am another you.
Carla * 

For more info visit my page: KAMBO HEALING 





“Doing Kambo with Carla opened and activated me in ways I could have never expected ~


With her shamanic facilitation, I felt safe & supported to go to the depths both physically AND emotionally.


Her knowledge of the body, medicine & energy work guided me to set very clear intentions and choose the best placement for them. 


With her gentle, nurturing care, I wound up uncovering and purging emotions and old stories in 30-40 mins that I thought only 8 hours of Ayahuasca ceremony could bring out.


And after my third session, I felt like Superwoman ~ I had enough energy to do the impossible and was absolutely glowing in a whole new way! 


Carla facilitates with awareness, skill, empowerment, grace, comfort, care, safety and love. It is activating to do this vulnerable, activating work with a woman truly attuned to letting Spirit speak & work through her 🏼 


I highly recommend - it could be your greatest release!”


Violet Starkey
Freelance Conscious Media Artist

Violet Visions Media

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