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Full Moon in Aquarius

Today we celebrate the Full Moon in Aquarius. While the sun is in Leo, the symbol of the Sun, the heart, the individual soul and ego, for the next few days, the moon stations in Leo’s opposing sign of Aquarius, the sign representing unity consciousness - the collective conscious/ group soul, the future, technology, and even artificial intelligence.

Leo’s energy loves to be the center of attention, and its shadow can be that it places too much power outside itself. The unchecked Leo energy is overly needy, and seeks approval and attention/validation from other’s. Leo’s know how to serve the community because they have big hearts and have an ability to know and give people what they love; sometimes to a fault.

Aquarius, on the other hand, are at the other end of the spectrum. Aquarius are futuristic, revolutionary, ahead of the trend, and tend to think about what is the best for the whole. They serve the community by knowing what is best for the collective, and sometimes can ignore the individual needs of a person or circumstance. Their shadow is that they can be detached or aloof, and way too mental. They can struggle to connect to the heart and body, and other’s emotions, and this can make them seem kind of arrogant, or like they prefer to be the lone-wolf.

This Full Moon’s energies, though, are all playing out over the backdrop of the current Venus Retrograde cycle. This Venus Retrograde cycle is all about re-evaluating and re-assessing our values and relationships, especially to love and money. We are being pushed to reflect on where we haven’t loved and valued ourselves enough, or perhaps where our egoistic desires or dreams, have made us unappreciative, or have fogged our perception about what really matters to our heart and soul.

During this Full Moon portal, thankfully, we are being encouraged to heal and love ourselves more by discovering all the ways that we aren’t valuing our selves, so we can love ourselves better. Aquarius is here to remind us, that in order to love ourselves fully, we must also extend our love to the collective. We are one with the whole, even that which feels different or separate from us, in actuality, is also a part of us.

The truth is that we are one. And by being able to love unconditionally what seems to be the opposite or outside of us, we are afforded the opportunity to also love ourselves more, too. True, healthy and (w)holy love takes into account not just the individual, but also the collective. As we grow in our capacity to love our selves, we should also recognize the importance of loving and serving others as well. Another’s suffering is our suffering, as much as another’s joy and happiness, is also ours too.

True prosperity and abundance comes from sharing and being a part of something bigger than ourselves. It comes from the boundless and unconditional love we are here to access and experience as humans, as we open ourselves to the depths of what true unconditional love for the self and other means. On this journey of reclamation, we are here to remember that we are love, and that we are one; and that prosperity cannot just be individual, it must always take into account others in order to be whole and grounded.


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