My specialties as a Spiritual Coach and Shamanic Intuitive Healer are:

Chakra Psychology, Yoga, Shadow/ Light Work, Shamanic Journeys, Somatic Trauma Release, Quantum Inner Child, and Sacred Sexuality Healing.


I utilize sacred ritual, intentional prayer, meditation, music/sound, shamanic journeying, and psychological counseling, alongside Cacao, Kambo, and other plant allies to produce Holistic healing and transformation for my clients and students.



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Carla Jannette Gonzalez-Guerra is a Ritual Artist, Transformational Healer, Teacher and student of life, bridging the world of Yoga, Tantra, Chakra Psychology, Shamanism, Plant Medicine*, Divine Feminine, Egyptian Alchemical, Mayan, and Andean Millennial Indigenous Spirituality.

Carla believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Healing is an ancient-future art form and science. After traveling the world, learning and practicing different ancient and contemporary holistic healing modalities for over 10 years, she learned how to heal herself and empower others to heal themself.

It is her mission to teach, guide, and empower others in the Art of Healing,

Carla's passion for the healing arts and sciences led her to develop an intuitive energy healing program that honors and bridges the traditional with the (r)evolution. She is a passionate teacher of sacred ritual arts, meditation, chakra psychology, and plant medicine* work. She offers Kambo healing rituals, Cacao Ceremonies, Women's circles, Retreats, Energy Healing Courses, and Coaching programs.

In her online coaching program and sacred energy school, PROSPERITY EMBODIED, Carla helps her students and clients heal, embody and align with their unique Prosperity and Abundance codes as empaths, healers, teachers, coaches, artists, yogis, and seekers. Teaching and coaching her students on how to create their own unique transformational offering, and how to create more abundance in the world - spiritual and material for the self and others. 


She is a world traveler and enjoys leading spiritual retreats, pilgrimages, and excursions to sacred sites, sanctuaries, and communities in Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. She is a passionate philanthropist and a sacred activist actively supporting non-profits from around the world aimed to uplift, heal, and provide safety and nourishment to marginalized women and children.


Carla is a Mexican American multicultural and spiritual bridge. She is the founder of Heartcosm.net, Prosperity Embodied DFLA, Embodiment Goddess Temple Retreats, and the Goddess Temple San Diego. She is a 500 HR RYS (Registered Yoga School) – Yoga Teacher, certified Reiki Energy and Shamanic Healing Practitioner, and Clinical Psychology BS Graduate from the University of California, San Diego.

* At Heartcosm.net the word medicine is used to describe the concept that everything and everyone has the potential to serve as a medicine,* teaching, lesson, or healing remedy, it in no way is this word referring to any FDA approved medications, or pharmaceuticals


We are the medicine, we are the ones we've been waiting for!

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