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Join us on this adventure of a lifetime.

Experience the magic of Yoga, Cacao and Ritual Embodiment in the Sacred Mayan lands of Guatemala, where Cacao Ceremony originated.

Receive direct guidance and a sacred blessing from the Mayan elders and spiritual guides for your life path and beyond.

The Healer's Journey

Are you ready to step into the path of the healer?

Prosperity Embodied is the first half of a year-long initiatory mystery school for the modern medicine man and woman. Learn to facilitate sacred circle and plant medicine ceremonies; and much more.

Discover your medicine today.











My specialties as a Spiritual Coach and Shamanic Intuitive Healer are:

Chakra Psychology, Meditation, Shadow/ Light Work, Shamanic Journeys, Somatic Trauma Release, Quantum Inner Child, Theta - Subconscious Reprogramming, and Sacred Sexuality Healing.

It is my purpose and pleasure to provide you with tools and teachings that will help you transform and empower your life. 

Are you a service provider, healer or aspiring spiritual healer, teacher, or coach?


Want to learn how to create a unique transformational offering, and become an empowered and confident transformational healing facilitator that stands out from the rest?

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Tropical Plants

Carla Jannette Gonzalez-Guerra is a Ritual Artist, Transformational Healer, Teacher and student of life, bridging the world of Yoga, Tantra, Chakra Psychology, Shamanism, Plant Medicine*, and Divine Feminine Spirituality.

Carla believes that everyone has the ability to heal themselves. Healing is an ancient-future art form and science. After traveling the world, learning from shamans, teachers, priestesses, and healers practicing different ancient and contemporary holistic healing modalities for the past 13 years, she has learned numerous tools for how to heal oneself.  Carla believes true healing comes from within, 

It is her mission to teach, guide, and empower others in the Art of Healing and  Facilitation.

Carla's passion for the healing arts and sciences led her to develop an intuitive energy healing program that honors and bridges the traditional with the (r)evolution. She is a passionate teacher of sacred ritual arts, meditation, chakra psychology, and plant medicine* work. She offers Kambo healing rituals, Cacao Ceremonies, Women's circles, Retreats, Energy Healing Courses, and Coaching programs.

In her online coaching program and sacred energy school, PROSPERITY EMBODIED and 13 MOONS, Carla helps her students and clients heal, embody and align with their unique Prosperity and Abundance codes as transformational healing facilitators. 


She is a world traveler and enjoys leading spiritual retreats, pilgrimages, and excursions to sacred sites, sanctuaries, and communities in Guatemala, Mexico, and Peru. She is a passionate philanthropist and a sacred activist, actively supporting non-profits from around the world aimed to uplift, heal, and provide safety and nourishment to marginalized women and children.


Carla is a Mexican American multicultural and spiritual bridge. She is the founder of, Embodiment Goddess Temple Retreats, and the Goddess Temple San Diego. She is a 500 HR RYS (Registered Yoga School) – Yoga Teacher, certified Reiki Energy and Shamanic Healing Practitioner, and Clinical Psychology BS Graduate from the University of California, San Diego.


Carla's spiritual studies began in India, in 2013, where she trained as an Ashtanga Yoga teacher under the guidance of Yogacharya Lalit of Himalaya Yoga Valley School in Goa.


It is during this training, that she fell in love with Ayurveda, and discovered the power of utilizing yoga and prayer to heal psychological issues. As a Clinical Psychology graduate,

and advocate for REAL holistic healing and transformation, she decided that Medical School was not the route for her. Instead, she decided to take her graduate studies to the "streets," and began her own self-mastery journey through the direct study of ancient future spiritual practices and modalities -for the purpose of producing true healing and lasting change.

In 2015 she became a Reiki Certified Healing Practitioner and SUP Yoga Instructor in San Diego, Ca, before traveling once again to Cambodia. In South East Asia, she began her journey and study of Kundalini. Tantra, and Shamanism; and was greatly inspired by the work of Leyolah Antara of Kundalini Dance. 

After splitting with her then-partner, she returned to California in 2016 and began her studies of Indigenous Shamanism/ Earth Based Spirituality, attending Indigenous ceremonies and working with Cacao regularly in her self practice. It was then that the spirit of Mother Cacao guided her to travel to Guatemala to connect with the Mayan culture and wisdom teachings of the sacred Tzolk'in Calendar.


On sacred lands of Lake Atitlan, amongst volcanos and sacred community, she attended a 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with the Mystical Yoga Farm, and learned the art of ritual, devotional prayer, and shamanic yoga. She also studied sound healing, and became immersed in Bhakti Yoga.

During this trip, she also awakened her connection to the Goddess and became a servant of HER through her commitment to serve the Feminine as a Spiritual Guide, Ceremonialist, and Womens' Transformational Group Facilitator. 

She's been traveling to and leading retreats at the Lake ever since, serving her global community by being a bridge and conduit for spiritual healing and transformation.

In 2018, she trained to become a Kambo Facilitator under the guidance and training of her teacher in Mt. Shasta. In 2019, she traveled to Peru where she was initiated by Grandmother Ayahuasca, and dove deeper into her studies of Andean Cosmology and Shamanic Tantra with Maestro Zadir Milla from Escuela Kontiti.

Since then, she has been undergoing a scrutinous study of Shamanism and Plant Medicine through direct experience of the medicine path, learning from different cultures, ceremonial practices, and master plants; and an in depth integration journey with her guide and teacher Zadir Milla. 


It is during these past 2 years that she has dedicated herself to the development of three self-mastery, shamanic mentorship programs, Prosperity Embodied, 13 Moons, and Medicine Wombyn; writing over 300 pages of observations and methods for self-healing utilizing archetypal chakra psychology, shamanic energy healing, and plant medicine.

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