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Sacred Cacao Ceremonies are a vehicle for people to come together in a mystical experience to connect to their hearts and the divine. Since ancient times tribes, societies, and communities have gathered under a unified intention in this way. Whether it be to pray, to celebrate, to give thanks, or to ask for healing, a ceremony is Medicine. As our society evolves, moving away from institutionalized religion, we must remember that spirituality - connection to spirit/ the divine/ the universal life force energy that is inside and all around us- is our natural born right, and that we can live in sacred ceremony and in communion with the universe whenever and where ever we want. 


There are different ways one might practice their spirituality. One can practice yoga, dance, pray, meditate, go outdoors, sing, connect with loved ones, or simply live with presence and in gratitude. In sacred ceremonies, we decide that we want to do these things together.


Living from the heart, in gratitude and in communion with the universe, the planet, Great Spirit, the elements, and the natural energies all around, allows one to tap into the magic and grand play of life. When we come together under a unified intention, to connect to our hearts, to share our light and love, we are able to transform, heal, and harmonize our lives, we are able to manifest our dreams, and change the collective consciousness. 


Research in Quantum Physics can now show that when people come together for mass meditation and or prayer, the energy is amplified, and felt in multiple locations/dimensions. Thought, and Sound/Vibration - has the ability to change, shape and manipulate matter and our reality. Energy medicine, which is intentional and focused attention/thought/sound can change the structure of our DNA and connective tissue. The heart has been shown to be the transmitter or radio of this information, able to read and communicate information before the event even happens, able to exchange information with the collective consciousness, i.e. universal consciousness before the brain is able to.


Cacao, Pure Chocolate, is a Sacred Plant Medicine that allows one to connect to their heart, to their true self, and to the frequency and feeling of unconditional love and connection. Cacao has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous people of the Mexico, Central, and South America.  From the High Priest and rulers to the everyday householder and child, everyone drank chocolate to feel good and celebrate love and the good things in life. Cacao was believed to empower, enlighten, and inspire the individuals who consumed it. The Mayans and Aztecs, consider Cacao to be the “blood of the Earth”, or “heart-blood,” for its potent heart-opening properties. They describe the love that is accessed when it is consumed is the same love that Divine Mother, Goddess, Gaia, the universe, Great Spirit, and Planet Earth has for us.


Today a Cacao Ceremony is a space for you to receive inspiration, support, and healing, and to let go of any pain, fears, and or judgments that keep you from living out your highest potential. It is a delicious celebration of your sacred sovereignty, of your magical powers, and of your innate gifts and healing abilities. It is an opportunity to tap into the limitless healing potential of your Heart, of LOVE.


In my cacao ceremonies, I combine spiritual teachings from around the world to create an experience that is mystical and also educational. Teaching tools for personal growth, self-love/acceptance, for self-healing, and self-empowerment by combining different forms of yoga, meditation, dance, ritual arts, energy, and sound healing. Cacao ceremonies facilitate our evolutionary journey by allowing us to feel more deeply, think more clearly, and by giving us the motivation and support we need to follow our hearts’ true desire so we may manifest our dreams. Cacao ceremonies have transformed my life my opening to my heart's true purpose and it can do the same for you.


Want to learn how to facilitate transformational healing by creating your own Cacao Ritual and sacred plant medicine journeys?

            Check out my Cacao Priestess mentorship, 13 MOONS, and or my                                  transformational healer's course, Prosperity Embodied.



“I got a psychic reading from someone who told me my heart chakra was green. I then attended 4 weekly cacao sessions with Carla, right after which I got another reading that said my heart chakra had turned completely pink: the color of 100% unconditional love, a necessary requirement for ascension. Carla and the way she facilitates cacao ceremonies through sacred communal yoga, reiki, white tantra, kundalini, breath work and sound healing makes the cacao a spiritual energetic medicine that really cleanses and clears stagnant energy in the heart chakra and other chakras in a very tangible and profound way. I feel profoundly centered in radical self-acceptance and self-love, self-worth and self-esteem and unified with my masculine and feminine energies. I feel whole and supported.”



- Jenay Sarah - Reiki Practitioner, Actress

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