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13 Moons

Mystery school


Mentorship Program

The number 13 is the sacred number symbolically known to represent the creative powers of the Goddess and the Moon.

triple moon.jpg

There are 13 Moon Cycles in a year.

           Ancient Mayans knew the magical powers of this number and                             revered the number 13 as the representation of                                             truth, wholeness, fertility, and ascension.

Are you ready for heart-centered sisterhood, guidance, and


Embodiment 1:1 Mentorship and Healing?


Are you ready to become a Modern day Creatix?

Are you ready to manifest and magnetize your dream reality?


Embodiment Goddess Sri Yantra.png

This program is:

A spiritual mentorship program for women who want to align to their PURPOSE and deepen their knowledge and practice in  the art of ceremony, ritual magick, plant medicine, and Sacred Energy healing.

  A mystery school for my fellow sisters  on the path to self realization, and higher consciousness. 


A course on healing the mind, body and spirit with indigenous, eastern, earth- based spirituality, plant medicine, and esoteric archetypal psychology.

Watch your reality transform as you step into your TRUTH and activate your ABUNDANCE and PROSPERITY codes.



 13 private Monthly 1:1 Mindset healing coaching calls


Heart Reiki 1 & 2 Certification Training

for more info click here

 Prosperity Embodied

Chakra energy Healing training & coaching program

for more info click here 

Monthly Online Group - New Moon ceremonies

Mastermind Group Chat Forum

Watch this Testimonial Video!

Gain the tools you need for creating powerful and transformational offerings that will not only positively impact your life, but will also transform the lives of everyone you serve in your community.


In this Sacred Energy School and Mentorship Program:

 Learn to live and practice Tantra, and Shamanism; learn to work with Divine Feminine Magick, and collective group prayer; and deepen your passion and knowledge in the sacred and ancient future art of healing.

 Develop your abilities to integrate and practice sacred rituals and group ceremonies with Cacao and other plant medicines that heal, transform, and awaken.

 Receive one on one guidance for your Heart-centered business and passion project.

Heal yourself from within to create the reality you wish you to embody.

This is a Real life Mystery School for the Modern Day Priestess, Mystic and Healer


Align * Embody *Magnetize 

School Track 


1st Step: Month 1 &2

Reiki Level 1 & 2 Initiation -

Can be done in person or online

2nd Step: Months 3-9

Prosperity Embodied

Chakra Healing Program

Program is 100% Online

(* Can also be done before Reiki Training*)


3rd Step: Months 10-12

Private Monthly Calls

Creatix Codes 

Transformational Workshop Creation Course

 Art of Ceremony

Sacred Sisterhood

Manifestation Mastermind

Private Pilgrimages & Retreats (Price Not Included)

Total Cost $4,440


(Payment Plans Available / 13 Payments of $375)

VIP UPGRADE: INCLUDES 8 DAY Retreat in LAKE Atitlan, Guatemala

 total Cost $6,140

    or 13 payments of $500


Total Value more than $9,000*

Prosperity Embodied $3,000

Reiki Level 1 & 2 - $777

13 One on One Personal Healing & Integration Coaching Sessions $1444

Transformational Workshop Creatix Course $888

Shamanic Embodiment Retreat & Facilitator Training $2,300

*** Previous Reiki, Prosperity Embodied, Infinite Possibilities students qualify for discounts.



Are you ready to start your journey?

(click here to sign up anytime & book your first coaching call)

Zelle Direct Transfer available for Full Payments, save $160 Usd,

*Full year commitment required. Payments are non-refundable*


Trust your Heart.                     

       Follow the tingly feelings.

Get professional guidance and training

for your Healing Arts Career.

When you invest in yourself with this program:

 Get access to exclusive coaching and mind-body-spirit manifestation guidance
 for your Heart-centered business and lifestyle

 Activate and increase your Intuitive Energy Healing capabilities

 Strengthen your skills and repertoire as a Transformational Healer, Workshop Facilitator and Community Leader

 Learn to embody the medicine path with Guided Plant Medicine* Meditation Journeys
Learn to host Sacred Cacao Ceremonies and become a Cacao Priestess

 Connect to the Elements & Shamanic Medicine* Wheel
 to learn how to facilitate transformational rituals and healing sessions

 Learn to work with the language of spiritual symbolism and the world of universal mythology

 Align to the natural cycles of the Moon Astrology for more Manifestation and Abundance

Learn to use Meditation and Tantra to restore balance to the chakras

 Heal and connect to your pleasure and sacred sexuality as a source of empowerment

 Awaken and activate dormant Divine Feminine codes and spiritual gifts

 Embrace your healing journey and help others do the same

 Transform and transmute past trauma

 Feel more confident and radiant

 Follow your highest excitement

 Create the change you want to see in the world

 Learn to build community and expand your network

Connect to your Divine Feminine Leadership community
 and sisterhood

 Receive the support you need to fully step into your path as an inspired healer, facilitator, teacher
, artist, musician, yogi, leader and Cacao Priestess

13 Moons is a transformational lifestyle. It is a program in which you live and breathe your transformational journey in a supported container. I am not selling you an overnight sensation, I am not going to sell you on a dream of instant manifestation, this is a journey, this is what integration looks like. It took years to get to where you are, but I promise you that this program will allow for you to speed up your evolution so you can get to where you know you deserve to be faster.


In this program I am cutting out the countless hours of studying, and of trial and error to bring you the best of the best medicine, energy and intuitive healing techniques.

This course is for those that want to live a heart-centered AND abundant lifestyle!

This program is for that know magic is real, and want to learn how to ground and CRYSTALIZE it into their reality, so that they may live their heaven on Earth, and also be of service to the healing of humanity.

This training is for those that are called to the Healing Arts, to Ritual Performance, to Transformation and true Leadership.

This course is full spectrum, not only is it a facilitator training, it is a supportive container for your personal healing and transformation. You will gain the tools and resources you need to open your creativity, to access you limitless power and your infinite potential.

You will learn my exact method for achieving true abundance and prosperity, for connecting yourself and others to the true wealth this spiritual life has to offer.

You will receive personalized coaching, strategic and creative consulting and solutions oriented guidance so that you may move forward in creating the life of your dreams.

But more than that, you will get an opportunity to fully HEAL.

A leader is someone who will walk through the fires of transformation so that they can not only empower themselves, but also empower others.



I am blessed to have worked with Carla for the past two years and I am incredibly grateful for all the gifts she has brought into my life, as well as the abundance of amazing opportunities that that have been presented to me as a result of our relationship.  She has guided me on my journey to living my life from a place of love and has shown me what it means to become a true embodiment of my highest divine goddess self. Carla has provided a strong support system for me as I ebb and flow through this path. She has been with me as I have peeled back the layers and gone to the depths of my pain and trauma, and she has been with me to celebrate my healing.  Carla has shown me the reality of manifesting your heart’s truest desires into physical form, and the power of dreaming without boundaries. ***MADDIE J.

IMG_0749 3.jpg

Before I crossed paths with Carla I felt SO disconnected with my mind, body and spirit. After being a part of my first goddess temple retreat I feel whole, loved, sexy and fully embodied. Thank you Carla for opening my heart and expanding my consciousness by planting the seed of divine union. Ever since the goddess temple retreat my life has not been the same. I shifted into a higher vibration which continuous to heal and transform me. Thank you Carla for showing us how to create our own sacred space, practice daily rituals, connect to our sensual nature through yoga and dance, reawaken our inner shakti and shiva power and also for showing us the magic of our words through authentic expression. Thank you for holding space with love and compassion to empower woman to be comfortable with being vulnerable. Thank you for providing wisdom and knowledge that opened my eyes to see what I had been missing all along. Thank you for honoring, respecting and nurturing us as beautifully as you did because it reminded us all of the goddesses that we were born to be in this lifetime. I love you SO much! Love & Light,  ***VALERIE V.

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