Prosperity Embodied





Energy Healers Mentorship Program

& Practitioner Training

A self-paced mystery school for healers, Light-workers, Shadow-workers, Empaths, Priests/Priestesses and Medicine Men/Women


Sacred Space Holding & facilitation 101

grounding & boundaries 

Energy clearing & protection

Intuitive Chakra Psychology

Shamanic Energy healing

Sacred Plant Medicine ceremony

Divine Feminine Healing Arts

voice & sound healing


Spiritual Awakening



personal guidance & coaching





  soul offering 



Sacred Arts

transformation for others

Gain the tools you need for creating powerful and transformational offerings that will not only positively impact your life, but will also transform the lives of everyone you serve in your community.

This course is designed to strengthen and expand your intuitive energy healing capabilities and awaken your individual creativity. It is specifically designed to teach you how to take your healing skills to the next level by teaching you the art of chakra healing and elemental embodiment.




In this Self-Healers' Mentorship Program:

Align to your purpose & truth in a deeper way

 Learn to ground, clear, shield, heal and protect your energy and that of your clients.

Learn the foundations of Sacred Space Holding & Facilitation

Harness the power of spiritual energy for healing the chakras using shamanic archetypal psychology and embodiment.


Develop your voice and learn to demystify the mysteries of vibrational sound and energy healing

 Develop your abilities to perform sacred rituals and group ceremonies with Cacao and other plant medicines.

 Receive one on one guidance for your Heart-centered business and passion project.






What you get:

space holding & Facilitation

Mastermind Workshop Level 1 & 2


9 Transformative Chakra Psychology Guidebooks with

questionnaires, exercises and ritual practices (PDF-Format)

 (1-2 Modules per month, recommended)

3 1:1 Private Mentorship calls

 (1 call in the beginning, middle, & end of your self-paced program, you choose the dates)

Bonus Material-

guided meditations, Workshop Creation

worksheet, medicine music Mixes, Chat support... & more


How it works:

As soon as you register, you will book your first Private Coaching Call. Together we will clarify your desires and objectives for this course and beyond.

During, this call I will also share with you how to create Sacred Space and your unique Ritual Magick self-Practice. 

Start Today!

The second call wiLL be an opportunity for you to review with me the materials from the chakra Guidebooks. this is a good time to Mastermind any potential questions that may have arisen, and or integrate any healing with my support.


the last call, will be dedicated to celebrating your completion and ensuring that you are ready to enter into the world as a Transformational Healer & Facilitator.


In your 3 private coaching calls with me,

 I promise to show up for you in these three capacities.

Teacher * Coach * Healer

I am here to support you as you Need 



As part of this course, You will receive my complete Chakra Healing Guidebook. This book outlines in great detail the multidimensional theories and modalities that we will be

applying to heal the chakras, to heal ourselves, and others using ritual ceremony, plant medicine* and Shamanic Tantra.

As part of the course, you are required to complete coursework, and submit the questionnaires included in the guidebook to track your journey and enhance experiential learning.

Throughout the course, I will also offer Bonus Material for your highest Good and success. I will also be available to chat for when questions arise through WhatsApp & Messenger.

At the end of the course, you should feel confident in your understanding of Sacred Ritual Magick for the betterment of all

you should feel more aligned with and empowered in your Spiritual path as a Yogi, Ceremonialist, and Transformational healer.

This course can be taken stand alone or in conjunction with the

shamanic Shakti transformational retreat


Embodied Facilitator Training 









1. A deep desire to heal yourself and embody transformation for your personal healing and collectives'.


2. A predisposition to being of service to your self, your truth, community, and the Earth 

3. An ability to receive and listen to constructive feedback

4. Integrity, inclusive morals & values, and a desire to do your best.

5. Adherence to these virtues to the best of your ability:

Ahimsa – Nonviolence
Satya – Truthfulness
Asteya – Nonstealing
Brahmacharya – Nonexcess/Celibacy
Aparigraha – Nongreed/Nonpossessiveness
Saucha – Purity
Santosha – Contentment
Tapas – Self Discipline
Svadhyaya – Self Study/Reflection
Ishvara Pranidhana – Surrender/Commitment to God

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


The total price, $2,250.

Pay in full and get 10% off.

Pay $2,000.

or make 6 payments of $375.

Cash, Debit & Credit Card, Venmo, Trello, and Paypal are accepted


To register, please contact me directly or use the following form.






Module 1

Sacred Ritual Arts, the Foundations of Sacred Ceremony

 Space Holding & Facilitation Level 1 & 2

Module 2

Root chakra / earth Element

Module 3

Sacral chakra / water Element

Module 4

Solar Plexus chakra / Fire Element

Module 5

Heart chakra / air Element

Module 6

higher heart/ divine union

Module 7

throat chakra / ether element

Module 8

third eye/ magick, higher intuition

Module 9

crown chakra/ higher consciousness

if you have any questions or would like to discover more, and or

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