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In Lak'ech Ala K'in

You are another me,

I am another you

Mayan Greeting and Code for living from the HeArt

HeArt of Living

At Heartcosm we believe the heart is the seed of joy, peace, creation, and transformation. It is the seat of unconditional love and compassion for all. It is the seat of our soul and highest self, connecting us to Source and all things. 


Heartcosm strives to open all persons to their highest expression by promoting sacred, heart-centered, and holistic living.


Combining the ancient art of Sacred Plant and Earth Medicine Ceremonies, with elements of yoga, Indigenous spirituality, meditation, dance, mindfulness techniques, sound, and energy healing, HYR's offerings are designed to ignite and connect students to their Spirit, inner power, unique gifts and creative abilities. 


Heartcosm's main purpose is producing events and healing spaces that feel nourishing, safe, and accepting, and encourage connection, personal development, self-acceptance, transformation, creativity, and complete freedom of expression.


Offerings include private and group Sacred Earth and Plant Medicine Ceremonies, Goddess Rituals, Yoga classes, Quantum Theta Energy Healing sessions, Transformational Workshops, Women's Circles and Retreats in Texas, California, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico, and Thailand.


Carla Jannette Gonzalez-Guerra is a Spiritual Ascension & Transformation Coach, Priestess of the Goddess, Medicine* Woman, Curandera, Student, Researcher, and Teacher, bridging the world of Yoga, Chakra Psychology, Shamanism, Divine Feminine, Egyptian Alchemical, Mayan, and Andean Millennial Indigenous Spirituality.

It is her mission to help her brothers and sisters on the path awaken transformation and self-healing through sacred ceremony, plant medicine work, intuitive/ shamanic energy healing courses, Kambo, and Cacao Ritual ceremonies.


She is a world traveler and enjoys leading spiritual retreats, initiations, pilgrimages, and excursions to sacred sites and communities in Guatemala and Peru.

In her one on one coaching program and sacred energy school, PROSPERITY EMBODIED she helps her students and clients embody their unique Prosperity and Abundance codes by teaching them how to align and empower themself through Multi-dimensional Shamanic Intuitive Healing Arts and Sacred Plant Medicine*, so they can fulfill their personal mission and purpose, ​and live up to their full potential.


She is a San Diego, CA, USA,  and Tijuana, BC, MEXICO native. She is the founder of -Heart Yoga & Reiki, Infinite Possibilities Sacred Energy School, Embodiment Goddess Temple Retreats, and the Goddess Temple San Diego. She is a 500 HR RYS (Registered Yoga School) – Yoga Teacher, certified Reiki Energy and Shamanic Healing Practitioner, and Clinical Psychology BS Graduate from the University of California, San Diego.


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