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Goddess Yoga


Awaken and activate your Shakti - Primal Creative Life Force Energy. 


Fusing Classical Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Tribal Dance, Alchemical Tantra Dance, and Shakti Booty Yoga, learn to awaken your Kundalini Shakti Energy- the coiled serpent energy of evolutionary and alchemical transformation that awaits activation at the base of your spine. 


In this practice, learn how to use Shakti energy to purify and cleanse your Chakras for the purpose of Self-Healing and Transformation. Harnessing this energy will allow you to connect to your Divine Feminine Blueprint and the Raw Primal Juicy Energy that is the Divine Feminine Energy of Creation and Sexual Alchemical Healing. This practice will teach how to connect to your Sacred Sexuality, Creativity, and innate Divine Healing abilities so you can access your innate power and primal female juiciness for boosting confidence, strength, and creative inspiration at any time.


Goddess Sacred Ritual Arts


Learn how to create your own Sacred Goddess Ritual, Alter, and Ceremony for the purpose of creating Magick and Manifesting the Life of your Dreams. In this workshop, I will teach you different techniques for connecting to your unique intuitive creative expression and the universal energies that present to aid you in your transformative healing journey. Also, learn how to use Archetypal Goddess Energy to channel and invoke your higher powers.



Goddess Transfiguration Cacao Ceremony 


Transfiguration means to change form or appearance into a Divine State, and to see the Divine manifested in others. Using techniques borrowed from Tantra, during this ceremony learn to harness and embody different Goddess Archetypal Energies. By connecting to these Goddesses through dance you will learn how to hold space and empower yourself and your sisters to be Strong, Sexy, and Empowered Wombyn. Cacao will facilitate our Temple Dance Journey by lubricating the channels of Love, Acceptance, and Compassion for the self and all others.



Goddess Activation Cacao Ceremony and

Sound Healing Journey


During this ceremony, experience a Sacred Sound Healing Journey with Cacao. Using Cacao and Sacred Sound Medicine you will journey inward to discover and connect to your unique gifts and Goddess Powers. Experiencing visions and divine guidance you will gain awareness on what your purpose is with more clarity. Then in a final Puja practice, together we will celebrate and honor one another as each one of you steps into, and claims your unique gifts, superpowers, and Goddess-ness. Leaving empowered and recognized for all that you are and have to offer to your Self, your Community, and the World.

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