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You were made in the eyes of the Divine, you were formed from the breath of the Goddess herself. 


We are her children, and Sophia-Gaia - Divine Feminine Christ consciousness - is here to show us how to love, our self and others, like we’ve never loved before.


Why is this work Important, because when can learn to truly love ourselves, unconditionally, then we learn how to love others. 


Why, because when we love our selves fully and properly, we are able to show up in even greater service.


We are able To embody the miracle and fullness of this human experience. 

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You are invited to join me in the juiciest devotional 6 weeks of your life. 


In this container, 


🤍 Awaken the senses through taste, smell, touch, and sound.


🤍 Nurture and heal yourself with new and expansive self-love rituals designed to seduce your unique and beautiful sacred heart.


🤍 Connect to the power of prayer for creating a life of more love, devotion and sacred communion.


What this container is:


This course is a masterclass on self-love rituals and embodiment practices.


This course is an exploration of the healing properties of Sacred Rose and Cacao.


This course is a ceremony and celebration of your Sacred Feminine nature.


This course is an opportunity to awaken the template of the Divine Feminine Christ Crystal Consciousness within you.


This container is an opportunity for you to meet and connect to like minded/hearted women on the path to self-love and self-discovery.


This container is an invitation for you to learn t0 honor and love the goddess within and without more deeply .





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Course Details:

Price: $333 (one time only, price increases after May 10th)


We begin Saturday, May 21st, with an opening ceremony and LIVE group call at 11:11 am.


We will meet the following Saturdays at the same time. During the calls, we will connect to our weekly intention in a group Cacao Ceremony. Here, we will get to know each other through discussion prompts and I will instruct you on the practices for the following week. It's also a space where you can ask questions and get 1:1 guidance.


Each week, you will receive your self-love assignment. These will vary based on the element we are connecting to that week. I will teach you an array of self-love embodiment rituals and practices designed to nurture and heal the sacred feminine within and without.


We will have 5 Live Group Calls & Ceremonies. All calls will be recorded. Attendance is not mandatory, but encouraged.


There will also be a group chat going so that you can share your story, celebrate your journey, and receive integration support. 

If you register before May 9th, you will get a small gift bag with cacao and incense as a complimentary gift. After May 10th, the course price will increase, and you are not guaranteed the gift bag.


Option to purchase more cacao, also available.

Want to experience the medicine of Sensual Embodiment in Person?


Join me June 17th to the 19th, for a Goddess Weekend, happening

in San Diego, CA! More Info Here...



When a woman loves and accepts herself, her path opens up to infinite possibilities of healing and creation.

When a woman knows her worth, she liberates herself from false programs and unhealthy relationships that aim to keep her down.


A woman in her power is the most dangerous enemy of the false-light Misogynistic system that has plagued this earth.


We can see the power that the feminine carries, in the way that a woman gives birth to a child, and in the lioness that will do anything to protect it. 


To truly love yourself is to enter the most intimate divine relationship with source.


When you remember that you are perfect, powerful, and beautiful as you are, you take your throne. You own your potential, and you open yourself to the possibility of manifesting your biggest dreams.


Women are creators by birth. Wombyn create life. This is the first code that our bodies, our yonis, hearts, and wombs reveal to us.


As mothers and midwives to life, we are conduits for immeasurable amounts of love and light. The amount of love, of energy that it takes to love and raise a child in a good way is beyond our imaginations. This process begins before we give birth, It begins when we take on the mission to heal ourselves - when we remember how to love ourselves.


If we love ourselves, we will want to naturally heal and nurture ourselves, too. We will do our best to eat well, rest well, honor our energy and natural rhythms. We will respect our sacred “No’s” and follow our heart’s desire, to experience life as a big “fuck YES.” We will love our bodies, for their natural feminine beauty, we will come to understand that our bodies’ beauty is no different from the diverse beauty of the flowers, the mountains, trees, rivers and seas.


Yet, so many of us are still only in the process of learning how to truly love our self. The thing about the intuitive path is that we don’t know what we don’t know, Until we do…


This is the act of  “remembering” and awakening to a higher conscious.


Some of us may have been blessed to learn how to love our self properly through our mothers, grandmothers or aunts, and even friends.


But for many of us, this likely wasn’t the case.

Not to mention, in western society, many of us have been programmed to think that we need to look a certain way or buy a certain product to fit a standard of beauty that is unreal… literally. We have been sold false photoshopped images and standards of beauty by numerous industries, in an effort to commodify our bodies and drain our life force energy. Condemned to obsessing over superficial expressions of beauty and power, rather than taught about how to access to the true power and beauty of our Sacred Feminine bodies.


There are different ways we, as women, can learn to properly love ourselves.

We can do this by reading a book, learning through a mentor or teacher, and listening to the stories’ of other women.


Working with others though is the most direct way, as they can provide us direct support, a loving mirror, and accountability. 

I invite you to do this work with me.




Carla Jannette is a High Priestess and Medicine Woman, here to activate and awaken the remembrance of our divine soul blueprint. It is her soul mission to help her sisters rise into their full expression.
She is a teacher of the shamanic arts, and an embodied practitioner of Yoga and Tantra. She leads ceremony, mentorships, facilitation trainings, and retreats online and in person globally.

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