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Vocal Activation Ayahuasca Retreat
& Master Plant Dieta

October 6th to the 16th, 2024
Pucallpa, Peru

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After observing, experiencing and experimenting with over 10 different lineages of shamanic medicine and ceremonies, this Shipibo Konibo lineage and way of working with Ayahuasca has been the most cleansing, healing and personally transformational.

The Dieta, the devotional practice of cleansing the body through a restricted diet and communion with a specific plant is an incredible experience to really attune to and maximize the benefits you can receive from working with Amazonian plant medicines.


During the retreat, our guests will have the choice to take only Ayahuasca or to combine it with one master plant, either Bobinsana or Noya Rao.


You will also have the option to by do a full cleansing (healing) with medicinal plants and still attend the ceremonies without taking Ayahuasca and we will customize the program based on your condition.

You have the opportunity to do a plant dieta with Bobinsana and Noya Rao or to have your own customized treatment with a variety of medicinal plants which takes our healing center to another level. 


Once you try your first 11 days dieta, you will want to come for more. Plant dietas allow participants to form deep and lasting relationships with powerful spirits that continue to guide them for the rest of their lives. It is only through plant dietas that students become ‘curanderos’ - healers.

Learning specific Icaros to communicate with these plant spirits while developing close relationships with them is a central part of our programs. During our retreat, you will get to learn one Icaro to take home with you.


At Isa Yaka healing center, we believe in providing our ‘pasajeros’ with personal attention, our group is limited to eight guests, as opposed to other typical retreats with groups of fourteen, seventeen, or more. Trust us, you will get more personal attention than most other centers that way. Please reserve your spot early because our retreats fill in quickly. Our retreat is more affordable and accessible compared to other centers in order to reach those that need access to this powerful medicine.

We specialize in the traditional Shipibo Master plants Diets, with Bobinsana and the almost mythical Noya Rao tree. They are both heart-openers and full of love, light, and wisdom.

We strongly believe that there are the two master plants with the most healing potential. The best way, in our eyes, to heal the mind and to purge the subconscious of past traumas and programs, has its source in the heart.

Love is what our world needs. There is no substitute for Love and that sums up our mission. We often have erected barricades around our hearts to protect ourselves from pain. Bobinsana and Noya Rao will change that paradigm for you.

As far as the Noya Rao diet, it is seldom offered in centers in the Amazon, as it is the Holy Grail of medicinal plants. People have travelled the world to get their hands on the extremely rare master tree of pure light, Noya Rao. 


It is the most sacred tree in the Shipibo tradition due to its ability to connect you with divine realms and beings and fill you with pure love and light. It is the king of all master plants and holds all of their worlds within its sacred universe. With the right guidance, this tree is a beautiful journey to what some call ‘enlightenment’. 


Noya Rao encompasses the wisdom of all the other master plants. Together with Bobinsana, they form an enchanting symbiotic relationship.

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Bobinsana (Calliandra angustifolia) is a tree that produces bright pink starburst flowers. Bobinsana is a powerful shamanic plant, deeply respected among the indigenous people of the Amazon.


It is a beautiful, divine feminine, master plant, famous for its ability to open your heart for love. It also has strong spiritual cleansing and balancing properties and will help strengthen and protect your energetic field. 


When dieting Bobinsana, you will also receive a lot of healing, growth, and wisdom in areas such as: your immune system, physical pain, physical, mental, and emotional traumas, self-awareness, respect for self and others, love and connection to self, others, nature and benevolent spirits, gratitude, humility, peace, patience, kindness and living in truth, non-judgment and empathy.


From an energetic perspective, these herbs will introduce a heart-centered sense of calm into your being, allowing you to reflect and stretch your roots.


With the complex demands that many people face in the world these days, it is very common that the emotional body does not receive proper attention. For this reason, Bobinsana is often recommended as a first dieta to help us open up our suppressed emotions and connect more deeply to our hearts’ innate wisdom.

Meet the Team



Ayahuasca is made from two Amazonian plants: the Ayahuasca vine and, traditionally, chacruna leaves. This sacred medicine is traditionally known by its Quechua name, Ayahuasca, which translates as “Vine of the Soul”. In Shipibo, Ayahuasca is known as Oni, meaning wisdom. 


Ayahuasca is a sacred and potent brew revered by indigenous cultures of the Amazon rainforest for its profound spiritual and healing properties. It's crafted from a blend of plants, containing DMT and MAO inhibitors, facilitating deeply transformative and introspective experiences that are believed to offer insights, healing, and connection with the divine realms under the guidance of experienced shamans. A co-creative relationship between the healer, the plant spirits and ayahuasca, and the participant allows for the participant to uncover, experience, and take responsibility for issues that had been hidden in their unconscious and resulted in energetic blockages – often the cause of the dis-ease, or emotional/psycho-spiritual imbalance.

There is little written documentation on the subject, but many verbal stories have been passed down by families about the use and origins of this sacred medicine. Traditionally, village healers used ayahuasca to help patients recover from illness. To diagnose the root causes of illness, they often sought the help of other plant spirits and doctors in their visions, and were told which plants to prescribe to cure them. Other examples of the shamanic use of ayahuasca by village healers concerned the resolution of village conflicts, hunting tactics or the attraction of a love partner.


Chemically speaking, ayahuasca’s main active components are the alkaloids harmine, harmaline and tetrahydroharmine. It is the beta-carbolines, or monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), which enable the dimethyltryptamine (DMT) contained in chacruna leaves to be activated in the body.


DMT is a powerful psychotropic that promotes activation of the neurotransmitter serotonin. These plants must be used in combination, because if one of them is taken alone, the body inhibits any psychoactive effect. These chemicals already exist in the body, facilitating a natural change in the brain. The fact that DMT has receptor sites in the brain shows just how ready the body is to metabolize this chemical.


It’s part of our innate biological design, embedded in our DNA, to be able to reach expanded states of consciousness, deep trances and experience other realms of the world. Pioneering work by Dr Rick Strassmans has shown the correlation between the pineal gland and its production of DMT. The pineal gland is also known as the “third eye” in many ancient traditions. In his book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule, he hypothesizes that the pineal gland triggers an influx of DMT when the life force enters the fetal body and, later, at birth, releases more DMT, then again when the life force leaves the body at the moment of death.

For these reasons, Ayahuasca can be used to illuminate the truth of who you really are, it has the potential to expand your consciousness and connect you to Source, the Divine within and without, and your inner power as a healer and creator being. At Isa Yaka, we work with the frequencies of pure unconditional love, light and wisdom to clear and open your heart and path, and our Shamans will work diligently in the spirit realm to bring more joy, happiness, lightness, wholeness and freedom into your life.


Ayahuasca can be used in combination with other local plant medicines to help heal and remedy certain conditions like anxiety, depression, even illness, disease, pain, physical/emotional/mental/spiritual suffering when used properly and under the guidance of a master curandero. It is extremely important though that you make us aware, and let the healers and facilitators know if you are taking any prescriptions medications, herbs, and supplements, and especially any anti-depressants ( MAOIs, SSRI, Adderall) that have the potential to negatively interact with the Ayahuasca Brew.


Please let me know personally all medications you are on, and if you have a history of any psychosis, severe PTSD, borderline disorders, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia, as well as any chronic heart condition, high blood pressure, severe diabetes, epilepsy and seizures. It will be necessary to do a thorough assessment of your specific case and thorough cleanse of these medications prior to coming to the retreat.


Please do not let this deter you in any way. Ayahuasca has been deeply healing and transformative for many, it has numerous benefits for the body, mind and spirit, and can be used in varying amounts. Our highly experienced shamans know precisely how to dose their patients, and will always start you off lightly. Also, it is important to state that it is not necessary to drink the medicine to receive healing from the master shamans, and traditionally the medicine was only drank by the shaman who diagnosed, prescribed, and performed energetic healing.

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Vocal Activation Retreat 

It is great honor and joy that I get to share this specially curated retreat in collaboration with master curanderos Maestra Isa Yaka (Juana) and Maestro

Rai Nima ( Darwin). "Singing is cleaning" and these maestros are here to encourage healing and even "purging" through singing.

On the medicine path, I discovered the power of the Voice and Song to shift and transform the energy of any space, internally within one's body and externally, in the collective environment. I was first inspired to begin my singing journey in a Cacao and Kirtan ceremony in Lake Atitlan. Soon after, in my first San Pedro Huachuma ceremony, I heard loud and clear that I needed to learn to sing, and that it was vital for me to become a medicine song carrier. I was shown that this was the most direct and powerful way to hold, harmonize and heal the collective field in ceremony.

That was in late 2016 and since then, I have made it my top priority to learn to sing and share my Voice and medicine. I started working with the Spirit of Ayahuasca before even consuming her. I learned that I could channel song through connecting to her spirit. In 2017, I started to download my first medicine songs. In 2018, I was guided to finally drink Ayahuasca to help open my voice, and when she finally appeared in the medicine home I was living in, at the end of that year, I received the Vocal Activation my spirit had been calling in.

Shortly after, I began my music journey, which is intricately woven into my sacred plant medicine path. In 2019, I was guided to go to Peru to continue my studies with Ayahuasca and that's when I found my first true teacher in the path of Ayahuasca. After working with him initially for several months, I came back home at in 2020, just as all borders were closing. I immediately knew that I needed to use that sacred pause to learn and develop my voice and guitar skills.


I have continued to study, heal and grow using Ayahuasca since then. In the last 5 years, I have had the blessing and privilege to travel to the Amazon of Brazil and Peru to study with the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa and Shipibo Konibo Indigenous Peoples. I have also learned much from my Mestizo, Mexica, Lakota, Mayan, Yoruba-IFA and Umbanda teachers, attending ceremonies all across the Americas.

Ayahuasca, plant medicine, has been my greatest teacher and guide in opening my voice and gifts as a musician. I have been avidly practicing and taking classes to advance my skills as a Medicine Music singer and composer since that very first Cacao and Kirtan ceremony I attended. Today I am sharing my medicine songs and Kirtan, devotional Bhakti music, practice around the world with ease, grace and so much joy.


Singing is one of the greatest pleasures of life, and being able to share with my community this gift is a service to the collective; and also my greatest tool and companion in life. The more I sing, the more I heal, I am so grateful for this path as it continues to surprise and crack me open in ways that I could have never imagined.

For these reasons, I have been given the sacred task of sharing and imparting the tools, practices and songs that have been integral in my music, and plant medicine healing journey.

Music is vibration, which is energy; and energy healing, as we know, can transform dis-ease into good health and wellbeing when used with intention and precision. As mentioned above, singing is cleaning, and using sound and vibration you can internally massage and cleanse your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic body, your chakras, your organs, your thoughts, even your blood and DNA.

The Peruvian Shamans have always known this, and this is why they work with the power of the "Icaro" - a sacred sound and song technology that works with vibration and tones to heal and clean the patient. These sacred chants also work to answer the prayers of the practitioner and bring the receiver many blessings.

In this Vocal Activation retreat, you will get to learn your own Icaro that you will get to take home with you and work with. I will also be sharing specialized workshops that will help you free your voice. These workshops will support you in your integration process and give you tools that you can take home and use in your daily life. I can also teach you any medicine song you would like to learn and help guide you in writing your own medicine song.

Check out the list of workshops and activities below that will be available for you throughout our time together. All workshops are optional, so if you are tired or prefer to spend some time on your own, this is welcome too. I am here to support your journey, and provide translation and integration support.

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Vocal Activation Retreat

Throat Chakra Healing Workshop 

Somatic Release and Sound Activation 

Free your voice - Learn to tone your voice using the vowels


Womb / Hara Healing Workshop 

Creative energy = Ecstatic expression  

Healing and transmuting of pain into pleasure and creative fuel


Medicine Song Circle

 Learn and sing along to popular medicine songs


Medicine Song Writing Workshop

 Learn to write your own medicine song.


Icaro Class &  Shipibo Language Introduction

Receive your very own Icaro


Yoga and Meditation

Breathe, unwind and come back into balance


Integration circles

An opportunity to check in, share your story and any questions you have about your jouney, and listen to others'.


Total Price for the Vocal Activation Retreat & Dieta Immersion is $1780.





Retreat space is limited to 8 Spots, so its is important to reserve your spot as soon as possible, as this retreat will sell out.

To reserve your place, please make a deposit of $570 or pay in full by Aug 1st.


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