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HeArt Journey

From a very young age, Carla new she wanted to be a healer. Coming from a family of doctors and surgeons, she wanted to follow in their footsteps, and be a beacon of healing for those around her. 

During her teenage years, she became fascinated by psychology and decided to pursue a career in mental health. She went UCSD, University of California San Diego, where she received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology.

After a turn of events, Carla was blessed with an opportunity to travel the world, which led her to Thailand, India and beyond. During her travels, she received her 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher certificate in Goa, India, at the Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre. Upon completing her training, she became deeply immersed in the practice and study of yoga and spiritual arts. 

As Carla became more involved her own personal healing journey, she was called to pursue a path in Reiki Energetic Healing. She received her certification in San Diego and took her new found practice abroad where she created Heart Yoga and Reiki Cambodia. In Cambodia, she led yoga classes, offered energy healing and lead adventure tours and Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga classes on the beautiful Kampot River.

After a year abroad, Carla returned back to the Americas to develop her yoga teaching and Reiki skills. She attended a 300hr Registered Yoga Teacher Training at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. There she developed her skills in teaching yoga, energy healing, while also studying Shamanic Healing techniques, group facilitation, ritual and ceremony. 

Upon completing her training she settled in San Marcos of Lake Atitlan, to pursue her studies in the use of Ceremonial Cacao. There she learned from other healers and shamans how to incorporate Cacao into meditation, yoga, dance, energetic, emotional group processing, and sound healing.

Eager to share her new gifts, insights, and medicinal plant teacher, she is offering group and one on one classes, workshops and healing sessions for cultivating self-empowerment, awareness, and connection through yoga, movement, energetic healing, and ceremonial Cacao offerings.

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