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Together we are raising funds to create a Mobile Goddess Temple. 

The Mobile Goddess Temple is a project to provide a sacred sanctuary space in the heart of Transformational Music Festivals and Outdoor Venues for people to retreat to, learn, grow, connect spiritually, and feel safe. 

We, you the donator and I the visionary, together, are creating a space for Inspirational Speakers, Professional Healers, Artists, Musicians and Peers to show others how to connect with them self, their heart, bodies, Spirit, true feelings, needs, and desires.

We are creating this space as a sanctuary and safe haven, for every man, woman, person that has ever felt lost and in need of guidance and deep connection while journeying and or under the influence at Music Festivals. For every person that has needed a place to sleep, a person to talk to, water to drink, and or food to eat. 

*Also, we are creating this space as a platform for victims of sexual harassment and or abuse to feel safe to report violations and share their experiences. We also thrive to teach tools for avoiding these situations, and will give help/ healing/ guidance if requested.

*As a Goddess Temple, we encourage a culture of equality, free choice, transparency, Sacred Sexuality and reverence for the Earth.



Starting today, I am raising funds to get this project off the ground:

Immediate Needs:

-MiniBus to take on Tour ($4.5k away from goal)

-Lotus Bell Tent ($3k away from our goal) 

- $$$ to pay for a Web Developer/ Online Platform to broadcast the project, as well as create a resource for people to find local healers, teachers, affiliates and others connected to the project and vision

- $$$ for supplies, art, decor, to make the space as welcoming, comfy, and healing as possible.



To Donate please click here





or visit


The goal is to set up the Mobile Goddess Temple immediately at Music Festivals starting this Summer. The sooner we get the funds, the sooner we can get it set up! 


The Mobile Goddess Temple Team intends to reach out to prospective Festivals in the West Coast, such as Lightning in the Bottle, Genius Loci, Beloved, Burning Man, Symbiosis, Bhakti, etc. The Mobile Goddess Temple can come to a festival or venue near you!

The sooner we make this initial goal, the sooner I can take immediate action to compile a team of healers, teachers, project developers, and directors to move forward with this vision and bring the Mobile Goddess Temple to a venue near you.

This vision, divinely inspired, is a result of my own experiences and observations. Currently there is a need for more safe and sacred sanctuaries; especially for young adults, desiring to be aware and empowered men and women.


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mission statement

The Mobile Goddess Temple is a traveling Spiritual Wellness Sanctuary offering sacred embodiment practices and teachings that inspire greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, creativity, and healing. 

     i.e. Yoga, Music, Vibrational/ Sound-Healing, Energy Healing, Sacred Sexuality,      Inspirational & Transformational Workshops, and Guidance Counseling

Our mission is to provide a safe and sacred space at Transformational Music Festivals and Outdoor events where guests can receive free education, nourishment, spiritual connection, and guidance counseling.


We aim to provide a Safe Haven for young adults, victims of trauma, sexual abuse and or under the influence of mind-altering substances.


We are a sacred container and place of worship in which all forms Spirituality are welcome, focused on the reverence for Earth-based, Indigenous, Eastern and Western Spiritual Philosophies.


We are an institution dedicated to empowering persons through consent based sexuality by promoting a culture of free choice and equality.

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