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Embodied Prosperity









Discover Your True Self and Awaken Your Highest Potential




Are you yearning for change in your life?


Do you know you have a lot to offer the world but have not yet found the answers or the support you need to make the life of your dreams a reality?


Are you interested in connecting with like-minded individuals while diving deep into the healing arts for your personal transformation and self-healing journey?


Are you an empath, intuitive, and awakened individual in need of learning new tools for energy management, cleansing, and 







Join me this May through June 2018, for Infinite Possibilities - Sacred Energy School and learn to tap into your universal and divine superpowers. Gain the insight, clarity, strength, confidence, and support you need to create the life you desire and deserve.



During this 10 Week Healing Course:


  • Activate and increase your Energy Healing potential

  • Receive your Level 1 Reiki Attunement

  • Upgrade your awareness and perception of Energy, as well as learn tools for Energy Management

  • Learn how to restore balance to the chakras.

  • Connect to your sacred sexuality

  • Transform past trauma.

  • Liberate yourself from fear, insecurity, and limiting beliefs.

  • Create a sacred ritual arts practice for yourself and others.

  • Experience and learn to use Sacred Ceremonial Cacao for Energy Healing






Daily Cacao Ceremonies 


Transformative Chakra Psychology

Reiki Energy Healing



Sacred Sciences

Personal Integration

Group & One & One Healing

Energy/ 5D Reality Management Tools



Are you ready to transform your life through the application and embodiment of ancient wisdom and holistic energy healing?


Join me as we combine healing modalities from all over the world, such as yoga, chakra psychology, dance, Kundalini, sacred plant medicine, the indigenous medicine wheel, and White Tantra.


This is an experiential learning course where you will learn to embody the teachings so you can integrate them into your daily life, while also gaining tools to add your personal self-care practice and or your healing practitioner practice.


Learn and experience the technology of prayer in a way that allows you to design your own transformational healing journey.


See the law of attraction at work, and (re)connect to your divine purpose. Accessing pleasure, through the things we love, chocolate, dance, music, connection, and intimacy to enter a state of timelessness and come into resonance with that which you are trying to create, heal, or manifest in your life. 


Learn how to manage your energy sensitivity by gaining the tools you need to protect and empower yourself as you navigate a highly energetically aware reality and lifestyle.


**This program is for people in all phases of the awakening journey. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned yoga or Reiki/energy healing practitioner. You are invited to experience more wholeness, happiness, harmony, stability, and connection during this 10-week long course.





May 11th to July 13th, 2018 



7:15 to 9:30 pm (Friday evenings)



Address given upon registration



Full Price $999

(Full amount due by May 11th)

***Includes Heart Reiki Level 1 Attunement (Price $444)








Payment Plan options available, please contact

@heartchocolate for more details.


If you feel called to join, but money is the only thing that is holding you back, make sure to write to me as I can offer assistance and accommodate specific needs.


Do not hesitate, follow your heart, that gut instinct, and those tingles; 

Register Today and Open yourself to Receive Infinite Potential and Possibilities.






* Proceeds go directly to fund The Goddess Temple San Diego Project



Program Schedule:


1st Weekend 

May 11th: Intro To Reiki, Sacred Energy & Ritual Art

Reiki Level 1 Attunement


2nd Weekend

May 18th: Root Chakra

Earth Element

Cacao Ceremony and Chakra Dance


3rd Weekend

May 25th: Sacral Chakra

Water Element

Cacao Ceremony and Chakra Dance


4th Weekend:

June 1st: Break

Energy Integration, Reflection & Self-Care


5th Weekend:

June 8th: Solar Plexus

Fire Element

Cacao Ceremony and Chakra Dance

6th Weekend:

June 15th: Heart Chakra

Air Element 

Cacao Ceremony and Chakra Dance

7th Weekend:

June 22nd: (No-Class In person)

Energy Integration Homework

Reiki Energy Techniques & Self-Practice


8th Weekend

June 29th: Throat Chakra

Ether Element

Cacao Ceremony and Chakra Dance

9th Weekend

July 6th: Third Eye 

Thought Element

Cacao Ceremony and Chakra Dance

10th Weekend: 

July 13th: Crown & Divine Chakra - Graduation Celebration

Cacao Ceremony and Chakra Dance


***Attendance for all classes is recommended but not required.

Must be present for the whole ceremony, no late arrival after 7:30pm.

We will open the healing container with a ceremony and close with a ceremony, therefore you must be present for both.


Tentative Class Schedule:

Opening Cacao Ceremony

Guided Meditation 

Sacred Energy Class (Chakras/ Elements/ Applied Sacred Sciences)

Group Discussion

Movement - Yoga & Kundalini Dance

Personal Integration

Reiki Energy Healing Savasana

Closing Ceremony



With Love,



Discover your true self and realize that anything is possible when you decide that you are the creator the of your YOUniverse.











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For more information or to register, please send me a message below with your name and preferred method of contact.

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