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Dear Beautiful Sister,


Do you feel the winds of change of upon us? 


Are you feeling the massive internal shifts that are happening within us and within the collective?


Can you hear your spirit's call for more clarity and intention in your life? 

Are you ready to release and let go of what is no longer serving you?


Are you ready to listen and receive the gift of your heart's purpose? 


Are you ready to embody your highest self, and live and breath the Sacred Path you were born for?


If you answered yes to any of these, then listen to your heart's calling and please join us for first annual,


in Joshua Tree, California!

Embark on a journey through Traditional and Non-Traditional Alchemical Transformational Wisdom, Ancestral Knowledge, Medicine, and High Magick Secrets.

Join myself Carla, your Cacao Priestess and Yoga Facilitator, 

Aria la Roba Divine Feminine High Priestess and Medicine Woman, 

and Annie Hummingbird, our Wisdom Keeper and Master Ceremonialist.

We are super excited to announce our first annual retreat on Miracle Mountain in Joshua Tree, where we will be sharing with you Mastery Skills and a wealth of knowledge from years of ceremony, ritual magick, and healing circle facilitation.

For the first time ever learn Ancient Native American Wisdom from Anne Hummingbird, a beautiful and Sacred Wise Wombyn, Mother and Sun Dancer. She’s performed and assisted in over 20 Sundance Ceremonies and now with a big heart wishes to share her medicine and wisdom with others for us to empower and transform ourselves personally, as a community and Global Tribe!




She is overflowing with ancient wisdom stories, medicines, songs, and secrets and has waited until the right time to share with the right audience. That time is now!



"I am proud to say that two years ago, Hummingbird initiated me in my first women's blood ritual ceremony, and since then I have become the leader and women's empowerment facilitator that I am today!"

-Carla Jannette Gonzalez Guerra

Photo by Brian Michael Wong,


During this 5 day & 4 Night Retreat, you will have the opportunity to:

+Be initiated in Sacred Traditions and Rituals by a Native American Wisdom Keeper

+Create a Sacred alter and learn how to call in the 7 Directions!

+Make an offering honoring your guides and Ancestors!

+Create and weave Sacred Space. Learn how to cast a circle, call in a ceremony, and create Sacred Space!

+Learn to create a Prayer Circle to set your Intentions during this powerful Solstice Gate way!

+Participate in a learning and introduction of the wisdom of the sacred Gates of Natural Rhythms and Cycles.

+2 SWEAT LODGE Purification Ceremonies 💦 

+Learn to remember and recall past Lives!

+Soul Retrieval Meditation and Healing

+ Ecstatic Dance and Movement!

+Learn Ancient Future Magic and Ritual Traditions from different lineages.

+Learn how to re-write your Akashic Records and Transform your LIFE.

+Experience DAILY sunrise and sunset Yoga, Divine Goddess Embodiment Practices

+Participate in Sacred drumming and experience a Grandmother Drum

+Learn to make your own Drum that you will get to take home with you!

+Learn how to Pray in a way that is right for you! 

+Sleep in Teepees and or Bell Tent!

+Remember & Activate your original Soul and Star Wisdom!

+Participate in a Traditional Sacred Pipe, Fire, and Song Ceremony!

+Learn how to diet, fast and purify one's body.

+Learn how to do Breathwork

+Learn about Womb Wisdom, and Sacred Native New Moon/ Full Moon Magic and Wisdom

+Yoni Crystal Wisdom and Self-Care Ritual - Pleasure as Medicine.

+Participate in 2 Kambo Frog Purification Ceremonies.

+Learn prayer Songs of Healing and Blessing and receive a printed copy to keep!

+Enjoy guided Sound Healing Journeys 🎶 

+Floral Baths, Learn how to give and receive sacred love!

+Yoni Steams

+Find and Embody your Spirit Animal. Learn how to talk to Animal and Plant Spirits! 

+Letting Go Ceremony! Release past life trauma and karma.

+Ascended Master Activation and Learn how to Embody your Highest Self Discussion a
nd Empowerment Ceremony

+Divine Feminine Embodiment Skills and Ritual

+Sacred Sister Circle Facilitation 

+Alchemical Tantra Dance, Goddess Puja, & Cacao Ceremony 

+(Clothing optional) Desert Wild Wombyn MOON Dance

+optional acupuncture, Reiki Energy Healing, One on One Clarity Coaching, and Massage.


***Option to come to the land and camp out before and after the retreat for an extended integration and experience if you so wish.

****More will be added and updated as our Tribe forms!


The food will be light and vegan as we will be participating in Ceremonies with Sweat and Kambo. We are cleaning from the inside out to embody higher Wisdom, frequencies and Energy.


(Camping &food included)
Food (organic, clean, alkaline) and Tent/Teepee Lodging provided! This is raw and rugged land. So please be prepared!

Come transform together in Unity and Family!

Space is limited as we can only build a sweat lodge big enough to hold about 15-22 for it to be most effective.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity! And the first time some of these traditions and wisdom will be shared.

The cost is $888 for over 4 days of all inclusive medicine, sweat, camping,

Drum kit and Drum making, Kambo and Ceremony!



This will be and alcohol, drug, tobacco (unless in Ceremony) free event. No substances as it will already be so potent with magic and medicine. This holds a sacred safe container for the magic and energy to be held.

This is a Sacred Ceremonial Space on Sacred Land. This is an event and Retreat for those who are serious, ready and committed to learn and participate!

This is such a potent opportunity, one that we can grow together, and fully embody the prophecy of the Eagle, the condor and the buffalo. Let us rise to together, be the Change. We are the ones we have been waiting for!


All this and much much more for $888.

Payment Plan options available, please inquire by email at

To register, please make a non-refundable deposit of $199 by June 13th, to  


@carla-jannette-1 or

PAYPAL (friends and family): 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Also, send us a short email with a bio and personal intention for the retreat to

All proceeds go to supporting The Mobile Goddess Temple Project, and protecting and supporting our Indigenous Land and Wisdom Keepers.

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