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Love is Light is Knowledge

So originally a few years ago, I purchased the domain name, Love is Light is Knowledge with the intention of starting a blog to share little pieces of information and wisdom about yoga, health, spirituality, and conscious living. Unfortunately, that never happened. Call me a master procrastinator, lazy, confused, and maybe even afraid. Afraid to fail or to sound unintelligent, anything less than perfect. Living in fear that I may be judged or not accepted for revealing too much about the inner workings of this evolving/revolving mind, or that my writing wasn't good enough and my life was too crazy. Whatever this wall or debilitating force was, it was enough to keep me from realizing my dream of writing and sharing a blog about my insights and journey. So here I am, once again at this place of starting. This time with a new name but the same objective, and a few more years of experience, wisdom, and practice.

So it's with a great honor and pleasure, that I share with you today my journey into to the unknown. As I follow my heart and intuition, I release all of judgment of myself so that I may fully bare self and soul, and I invite you to do the same. For I believe that when we as individuals work toward healing our selves, we provide the space and pave the way for others like us to heal as well, in turn propagating the collective healing of our society and planet.

By showing up as our most highest and truest self, we allow

others to do the same.

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