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CACAO - It's Magical and Healing Benefits

Everyone knows that chocolate tastes good and even makes you feel good, but did you know that Chocolate in it’s pure raw form, Cacao, is actually a natural plant medicine revered for it’s physical, mental, and spiritual healing effects. Cacao, Pure Chocolate, has been given as a gift or offering during special occasions like Valentines day, Wedding Ceremonies, and birthdays, as a token of love and as a way to indulge in delight and yummyness. The indigenous people of the Central and South Americas regarded it as the drink of love, and Theobroma Cacao literally means Cacao - "Food of the Gods." The Aztecs called it Heart Blood because they were aware of its health benefits such as it’s ability to increase blood flow to the heart and all the extremities.

Cacao is a Heart-centered, Holistic Sacred Plant Medicine and a Superfood that has numerous health benefits for the mind, body, and spirit. It is a natural anti-depressant and MAO inhibitor, meaning that it releases Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphins, known as the feel good chemicals, and then keeps them in your brain for longer. Promoting a feeling of wellbeing, euphoria, and pain relief.

Theobromine, the active compound in Cacao, is similar to caffeine in its stimulating effects, it increases energy, mental alertness, motivation, and focus. Unlike caffeine though, theobromine contains chemicals that support your cardiovascular system called flavonoids. Flavonoids are the largest family of polyphenols found in cocoa. These polyphenols increase vasodilation- flexibility of arteries- which lowers blood pressure, increases blood vessel health, improves cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of heart disease and heart attack. It also increases blood flow to the brain, increasing cognitive function and decreasing the risk of Alzheimer's disease and stroke.

Cacao contains Phenylethylamine PEA, an adrenal-related chemical that is created in the brain that also makes us feel good! It gets released when we are in love and increases relaxation, mental clarity and focus. Cacao also is also the only plant known to contain and increase the amount of Andamide, known as the “bliss chemical,” in the body. This neurotransmitters is the chemical that is released when a woman gives birth, aiding in a feeling of unconditional love and connection, like the feeling that is felt when a mother first encounters her child. Cacao is also a good source of Magnesium. It increases communication between the left and right brain which is expressed as being able to see things from a wider perspective and to see connections between concepts/ideas not seen normally, thereby increasing creativity and inspiration.

Cacao facilitates meditation, energy healing, connection to your higher self, the universe and the divine. Due to its physiological effects, emotionally and energetically it is felt as very heart opening, allowing us to connect with the vibration and feeling of unconditional love and to that of divine healing energy of unlimited potential. When used with intention and in combination with meditation, yoga, self-reflection, art, music, and other creative endeavors, it helps inspire creativity and flow states. It facilitates connection to your true self, your partners, your community, environment, and nature, by helping you drop processes of the mind that produce, anxiety, destructive criticism, judgement, and other self sabotaging thoughts, beliefs, or ideas.

When used is combination with psychotherapy or deep emotional healing work, or even deep conversation, it can facilitate the release and processing of emotions. This high vibrational plant medicine can loosen dense energy in the body; aiding the release of tension, trauma, and blockages that are stored in the muscle, connective tissue, and energetic memory of the body.

From my personal practice and work with Cacao, I have developed a simple Ceremonial Cacao practice, known as the “Yoga of Chocolate.” The “Yoga of Chocolate” and/ or a Cacao Ceremony are simply the act of taking a few moments out of the day to count your blessings and give thanks to all that you love and are grateful for in your life. It’s taking a moment to become present and connect with your your heart, your breathe, the Earth, the Universe, and all of its elements, and recognizing your interconnectedness with all things. In gatherings and ceremonies, Cacao allows you to share this practice with others. It is a great beverage to share in social settings as it facilitates deep and meaningful connections and conversations. Since it is slightly stimulating and is also mood enhancing, often people feel more comfortable sharing with others from the heart and expressing themselves authentically after consuming Cacao. Drinking Ceremonial Cacao as a daily ritual or in moments of celebration, is a practice in gratitude, mindfulness, and unity. It is a practice in developing more connection and overall more joy, compassion, and happiness in your life.

If you are interested in purchasing Pure Raw Cacao from Guatemala, I am taking orders now before I leave, limit 2. This cacao is different than store bought cacao as it is completely Raw and Ethical, directly sourced from the indigenous peoples of Guatemala. This cacao comes from the plant species Criollo Cacao, that is a subspecies of Theobroma Cacao. Criollo Cacao is considered the original species that grew in Mesoamerica, cultivated by the Mayans for over 1500 years ago in places like Guatemala, Mexico, Central America.

This cacao in particular is revered for its spiritual, energetic and healing properties. While different cacao strains produce similar chemical effects on the body, this cacao in particular is known to be very heart opening, more grounding, and is felt more in your body versus the other cacao that can be more stimulating for the brain and mind.

If you would like to Reserve your 1 pound block of SACRED CEREMONIAL CACAO, I am taking orders until the 20th of December. Upon my Return the 10th of January, you can pick it up in OB or at my First New Moon Cacao Ceremony of 2018, at Trilogy Sanctuary. I will also include with it my recipe and an easy to follow Yoga of Chocolate Meditation.

With love,

Carla, "The Cacao Priestess"

Heart Yoga & Reiki

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