New Moon Wisdom

New Moon

During the time of the New MOON, what happens is that the Dark Side of the Moon is illuminated, the side that is invisible to us, the side that we don’t see from here on Earth.

Thus our own dark side, dark meaning subtle/ unseen..or invisible, is also illuminated, bringing light and awareness to our inner workings, deepest desires and personal truth…

Also, at the new moon, the lunar gravity pulls water up to the surface of the soil.. And since we are self are made of 70% water, our own blood levels, mood and brain are affected by the moon.

During this time our personal emotional waters, feelings, desires are also brought to surface. Making it a great time for self reflection and a time that we are encouraged to go inward.

For women, and men also (I’ll explain), it also a time for connecting to our inner moon, our sacral chakra, womb space or Hara (Sanskrit for Men’s “womb” energetic center). This center regulates our creativity, sensitivity, sensuality, our ability to experience joy, pleasure, and it is also where we tend to store our pain, shame, guilt, or fear.

Since ancient times, women have used cycles of the moon as a way to sync to the natural ebbs and flows of the universe and this planet. Many times also syncing up their menstruation to the New Moon or Full Moon. I call period or menses, “my moon” for this reason, since it’s my inner moon time.

The Moon has always been a symbol of the Goddess, of the Divine Feminine energy that is pervading all things. Both men and women share, contain and can cultivate attributes that are considered feminine in nature ( of course this label just allows for explanation, these labels are also evolving as are we).

Goddess or Divine Feminine qualities are compassion, unconditional love, creativity, intuition, the ability to receive, and it is our raw primal sexuality, and sensuality, the evolutionary life force behind all creation and birth; the creation or birth of all life and of our creative projects, visions, and dreams.

So like the moon that becomes less and less visible as it wanes from Full moon to New Moon, so does our inner moon or womb. As our bodies prepare to menstruate or shed their inner lining so do we, emotionally and energetically, becoming more sensitive and aware of our emotions and what causes us dis-ease or dis-comfort.

Making the week prior to the New Moon a great time to sit and reflect on what you would like to shed from your life, the way that your inner walls of your uterus shed. So as the moon wanes, so can we start to discern what is no longer serving us, what is no longer in our highest good, what doesn’t feel good in our gut, our heart, mind, and body.

The week prior to the New Moon gives us a window into our soul and the depths of our psyche, giving us an opportunity to see what is not in alignment with our intentions, our needs and desires, and what is getting in the way of what we are wanting to cultivate in the upcoming lunar cycle and with the life we truly want to live.

We shed, and release what is no longer serving us, so we can make space for more of what we do want. So when the New moon comes, our inner soil has been turned and is fertile and ready for the new seeds, our New Moon intentions, to be implanted.

During the cycle of the moon, starting with the new moon, there is a gravitational pull of water upwards, causing seeds to swell and burst. Then as we move forward in the lunar cycle toward Full moon, this factor, coupled with the increasing moonlight creates balanced root and leaf growth.

So like the farmers that plant their seeds in alignment the lunar cycles, when we plant our own seeds during the time of the NEW MOON, setting INTENTIONS, writing out our prayers, and/or meditating or visualizing the dreams and visions we want bring into our own lives, we harmonize our actions and practices with that of the natural world and universe, thus further activating and amplifying our own potential for growth and ultimately success.

Also what happens during the time of the NEW MOON, is that the moon and sun are also in the same zodiac, amplifying the energies and expression of the astrological archetypes that in are present in the cosmos.


This New MOON, falls on this Thursday July 12th at 7:47pm (PST) with a Partial Solar Eclipse.

The Sun and Moon are in Cancer at ~ 20 degrees. This solar eclipse is one of three, in the next four week long eclipse portal. We have the solar eclipse on the 12th, then a lunar on the 27th - also a full moon, and then another Solar on August 11th.

The first Eclipse is a Solar Eclipse on July 12th in the sign of Cancer. We have not had an Eclipse in Cancer since 2011, so this is definitely going to be a new energy we are all working with.

Solar Eclipses usually signify new beginnings. Think of them as super-charged New Moons that help to light our way forward and get us thinking about the new.

Around this Eclipse the planet of action and motivation, Mars, will be in retrograde which means that even though this Solar Eclipse may bring some new energy, we may not be able to fully work with it just yet. We may need to give things time and let things marinate before moving ahead.

Eclipses have long been revered as powerful omens, but they are really nothing to fear. Instead we can look at them as powerful messengers from the Universe and an opportunity to be shown the path forward.

Mercury also goes retrograde on the 25th, just a few days before the Lunar Eclipse, making a total of 5 planets in retrograde.

With so many planets in retrograde mode, things are going to slow down and we may not have a lot of motivation or ambition to move forward.

In fact, July is not the best month to move forward with big grand plans. Instead, it really is a time to sit back, pay attention and surrender to the flow of the Universe.

Being patient may be a good strategy, as July may stir up things up and bring some surprises your way. Don’t try to push ahead, instead try to go with the flow and follow what feels natural.

Tread carefully and be sure you are listening and tuning into your heart.

With so many planets in retrograde and with some intense Eclipse energies, self-care and self-love are also going to be super important.

Use this month as an opportunity to recharge and restore your batteries, and make the time to check in with yourself.

Being that we are in the water sign of Cancer, use this element to connect to your internal water. Water signs tend to stir up our emotions and feelings, shifting our mood like the phases of the moon. Cancer is related to the energy of our home, mother, nurturing, and family, as it is ruled by the Moon. The nature of Cancer brings increased intuition, sensitivity, imagination, and psychic connection.

Also, as this New Moon is linked to this Eclipse season, there is a potential for amazing change, transformation and new beginnings. Perhaps you are feeling inspired to start something new or begin a new chapter in your life.

Perhaps you are becoming more aware or continually thinking or feeling that certain things just aren’t right. Listen to these clues, this is your intuition trying to tell you something.

This New Moon is amplifying the already big changes that we have been feeling when it comes to relationships in our lives. Relationship to our Self, to our intentions, personal dreams, our relationship with others, those around us, our relationship to the environment, our work, habits, and beliefs. All is being called to the forefront to evaluate!

Relationships are linked to the 2nd Sacral Chakra, and related to relationships is connection, so in this time we are being asked to look at how deep is our connections to our circle of friends, our environment, Gaia/ Mother Earth, and how deep is our connection to our true self?