Medicine & Magic: Dr. Kambo

What is Kambo?

Kambo is a Spiritual Earth remedy that comes from the gland excretions of the Amazonian frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor (Giant Leaf Frog). It is used in Shamanic Ritual to bring about purification, clarity, strength, and vitality. It is a natural and holistic earth medicine used by indigenous tribes and modern practitioners alike as a preventive and curative remedy for many diseases. Kambo helps you relieve your physical and energetic body of dense energy, disease, addiction, pain, trauma, and even Cancer. It cleanses and polishes your body, mind and soul allowing you to reclaim your life force energy. Kambo increases your awareness and connection to your true self and intuition; it also gives you more energy, confidence, clarity, and vision so that you may see and express your divinity, creativity, and purpose.


Kambo has long been used by indigenous Pano-speaking tribes of the Amazon, including the Katukina, Asháninka, Yaminawá, and Matsés (or Mayoruna). It may also have been used by the classical Maya, whose art depicts tree frogs next to mushrooms.

Taken by the warriors of the Amazonian tribes, it is known for sharpening eyesight, increasing endurance, increasing sensitivity to smell, relieving chronic fatigue, and for increasing the strength of the body and immune system.

Used by the tribe’s shamans, it helps clear their people of Malaria, infection, "Panema," or bad luck, dark energy, dark spirits, and any dense energy that dulls a person's experience of joy, peace, and prosperity in their life.

The effects last anywhere from 6 months to the year. Once your spirit merges with the Frog though, it is with you for life to support you as your Spirit Animal and Allie.

It's like taking the annual flu shot, but much better, as it works on healing the root cause of disease, working on all levels of the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual body.

Everything is energy and even dis-ease, illness, and physical symptoms can be traced back to their energetic root causes.

The word "disease" itself breaks down to the root words, dis and ease; and based on the holistic medicine model this can illuminate the fact that most prescribed diseases and symptoms can be traced to the person’s experience of un-ease and or disharmony in their life.


This is great news!

This means we have the capability to HEAL ourselves!

Part of Dr. Kambocito's medicine and magic is that he is able illuminate and help you diagnose what in your system and lifestyle is out of alignment, as in, what is causing symptoms of dis-comfort, dis-ease, or dis-harmony in your physical/ mental/ emotional/ energetic/ spiritual body.

Kambo's therapeutic effects are caused by a chemical cocktail of bio-active peptides that induce your body into having an immune system response that makes you purge and detox from all of your cells; helping you release toxins, inflammation, infection, parasites, and fungus like candida from your blood, body, and intestines.

During ceremony, a safe and sacred therapeutic container, Kambo and myself, your practitioner, will help you move and release emotions by guiding you and supporting you to let go, express, and purge emotionally through tears, mucus, bowel release and vomit.

Kambo's spiritual power is that he can remove dark/ dense energies, entities, or as the shaman's called it Panema. Another way to describe the removal of "Panema," is “clearing the pain body,” “realigning the chakras,” or reorganizing personal psychology so you may reach your full potential and expression.

Dark energy can be found in any person if they are depressed, angry, or experiencing trauma or pain, this is a lower vibrational energy. Polishing your spirit and helping remove this energy, Kambo medicine leaves you feeling clear, euphoric, calm, and at ease, also known as the post "Kambo Glow."

This holistic medicine and energy clearing process allows you to have more clarity, focus and energy. By clearing all of your energy channels and cells of toxins and density, Kambo connects you to your higher self and intuition, while also energizing and empowering to make the changes necessary for transformation in your life.

By combining my passion and expertise in Chakra Psychology, Sacred Ceremony, and Shamanic Alchemical Transformation, I can help guide you in your healing journey by illuminating and sharing with you what stories, patterns and limiting beliefs are showing up in your life to be transmuted.

Kambo gives you the clarity and vision, and can help you wipe the slate clean, but ultimately it's up to you to follow the wisdom of your heart, and make the changes and take the steps necessary for healing and transformation in your life. Proper discernment and active participation in your healing process is what allows you to keep that slate the clean.

And it's okay to ask for help while on the path, that's why I am here, to be your spiritual coach and cheerleader so you can stay inspired and motivated to be the HERO of your own epic life!


Receiving three Kambo medicine ceremonies

within one Lunar Cycle is considered the complete Jungle Innoculation / Vaccine.

Fusing Shamanism, Energy Healing and Chakra psychology, I can help facilitate the miraculous healing and integration of the Sacred Kambo Medicine

and this psychosomatic healing experience.

Please email to inquire about private and group ceremonies, and to schedule a 15 min. phone consultation to see if Kambo medicine is a good fit.


* This natural earth medicine is not approved by the FDA

* It is Legal in the USA and most countries, excluding Brazil

( As a testament its medicinal properties, there are over over 70 Kambo related patents lodged. Currently, there are more studies being undergone to learn more about the beneficial effects of the molecules and bio-active peptides found in the Phyllomedusa bi-colo's secretion in healing a wide range of diseases, ranging from depression, addiction, and infection to even cancer.)

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