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A short personal Biography.

My spiritual journey started as a child, I have always felt deeply connected to God, Jesus, spirituality. I started my years in Baptist and Christian private school, luckily not Catholic ;)

In 6th grade, I distinctly remember learning about Buddha and reflecting to myself how I wanted to attain enlightenment and nirvana, even at the tender age of 11.

But something happened to me in my teens that left me feeling disconnected to God, to my faith.

Around 13, I experienced and witnessed domestic violence and alcohol abuse in my home. Not knowing how to cope, I turned to partying, drugs and escapism in my teenage years. I tried everything I could get my hands on and considered myself a young Nihilist/ Jim Morrison Lizard Queen.

Eventually, in my mid-twenties, things got so bad that I had no choice but to do something about it. I started my healing path in college, I graduated in Psychology. But my partying ways had always continued.

Then my love for yoga and travel led me to Thailand and India. I became a yoga certified teacher in 2013 and I learned about Chakra Psychology for the first time there. Little did I know at that time that my deep passion for the healing arts would lead to my write my book and create a healing program about transforming one’s life through the system of the Chakras ….

During that time I was moving through an intense period of my life, I was abusing drugs and alcohol, and was with a violent partner there for a few years. Thankfully, though, it was through the understanding of energy/ vibration/ the law of attraction, Karma, and Chakra Psychology. I finally started to see what was going on, and why I had attracted this kind of person and situation into my life.

After feeling lost for some time, I got my Reiki training in 2015. This activation increased my intuition, and catalyzed my spiritual growth. After hearing the call and getting my Level 1 Initiation, my connection to my inner voice and dreams got stronger. I literally started to feel energy and my gut feeling / inner knowing got so strong that I could longer ignore the signs. My dreams became more vivid and my connection to the subconscious and unconscious realms grew stronger.

But I did, everything told me that I should leave this person, but instead I took off to Hawaii and South East Asia with him, where I discovered more of whom I really was.

I truly believe that that Reiki initiation catalyzed my growth and helped me align me to my true path more quickly. That same year, 2015, is when I started also working with Kundalini, and Shamanic Tantra Dance, while in Cambodia.

My life at that moment was quite paradoxical, in that, even though I was experiencing the most intense confusion and anxiety about my relationship and life, at the same time, my prayers were being answered subtly, and all the tools that I now work with started to awaken. Around that time in 2015, I also started working with Cacao, the Goddess and the Moon cycles.

These practices truly helped me changed my life, they helped me awaken my inner power, and helped me realize that enough was enough. They helped me manifest and align more quickly to my true path and purpose.

I was still living in Southeast Asia, when I eventually I broke up with my partner, came back to the USA, learned more about Indigenous ceremonies, the blood mysteries, and Mayan Astrology.

That same year, my desire to learn more about Cacao Ceremonies led me to Guatemala in 2016 to connect with the Mayan lands of Cacao and the magic of Lake Atitlan.

I did my 300hr Yoga Teacher Training at the Mystical Yoga Farm, and learned how to work with the medicine wheel of the high Andes.

It was at the lake that I also found my voice and I learned how to sing. Medicine Music, Kirtan, and Mantra found their way to my heart, taking residence there, only to never leave.

It was there that I also experienced Kambo for the first time.

Eventually my love for plant-earth medicines and shamanism lead me to go to Peru, where I connected to my dear teacher Zadir Milla whom I have been studying shamanism, marriage and family counseling, and plant medicine ceremony and integration ever since.

A lot of what I learned came to me through direct experience and hard spiritual initiations. I learned the deepest lessons through experiencing them. I met God when I finally hit rock bottom. I remember to this day the moment I finally surrendered the war against myself and asked God to help me.

It was after that, that my passion and purpose became clear, to empower myself and my brothers and sisters to truly LOVE themselves. Why? Because, it is only true LOVE that has the power to heal, and transform lives.

It is love, it is devotion, to service and the true Self, that guides someone to awaken their sacred gifts and innate divine powers. It is through healing ourselves, in other words LOVING ourselves, that we come to learn how to help others heal themselves.

So many times it is a healing crisis that leads someone down the path of the healer or curandero. Unless, of course, they are born into it.

For example, it is through my own direct experience of darkness that I learned to heal and transform my life.

The last 13 years I have been on a personal psycho-spiritual healing and empowerment journey and quest to heal myself of ancestral curses - curses of addiction, codependency, abuse, scarcity, and low self-worth.

I have learned how to truly be and feel beautiful, worthy, sacred, strong. I have learned how to respect, admire and LOVE myself.

Once I learned how to do this for myself, I have made it my mission to help others do the same. And in particular women.

Why? Because a woman in her power has the ability to move mountains. A woman in her power has the ability to heal herself, others, and to raise a strong, healthy and beautiful family, home, and community.

A woman in her power knows how to choose wisely that which is best for herself and her community, and environment.

A woman in her power knows that she is powerful and that she can create whatever it is she desires.

But a woman, stripped of her power, stripped of her connection to her intuition and true beauty, is a slave and at worse, a used and lost puppet doll.


February 9th, 2022

Carla Jannette


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