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Chakras and the Rainbow Light Body

We have the power to hack our consciousness and heal OURSELVES, using sound and vibration.

Each chakra corresponds to an element which corresponds to a specific geometry, color, and frequency, which is how we produce sound.

Check out the chakras and their corresponding notes in the image below.

Each chakra is a dimension or sense and window into perception. Each chakra is like an engine, a brain or command center. The chakra system is a way to harmonically map out the body and psyche based on the elements - the fundamental building blocks of the universe. This map is correlated with the Rainbow light spectrum, which is synonymous with our rainbow light body, our personal ability to embody light, as energy healers, light workers, and earth angels.

Each Chakra relates to the fundamental elemental forces that make up the universe - one’s inner and outer universe ... (1) Root - Earth, (2) Sacral - Water, (3) Solar Plexus - Fire, (4) Heart - Wind, (5) Throat - Ether, (6) Third Eye - Universal Consciousness & (7) Crown - Nothingness (anti-matter). Each of these elements can be manipulated, transformed and or healed using their corresponding tones, as well with the power of mantra, prayer, and conscious re-programming. The original sages, alchemist, and mystics knew this.

The Chakras are wheels and focal points that are electromagnetic, which communicate, and magnetize/ attract information, i.e. events/ circumstances, between one’s external and internal universe, forming the matrix of reality that the soul experiences, and expresses. When we understand these keys, we can use this information to mold and shape our reality, creating the life we desire in harmony with the universe, literally from the inside out.

In my upcoming Prosperity Embodied - Chakra Healers Program, I will take you through each Chakra and its pertaining element. You will have the opportunity to explore and learn more about each chakra, and what area they pertain to in your life. You will learn how to recognize patterns in your behavior, and potential pitfalls that stiffen your growth, and or block your flow of abundance and prosperity.

Using meditation, breath, energy, and sound healing, I will teach you how to bring the chakra and energy body back into balance. I will also show you how to incorporate these practices with sacred plant medicine and ritual ceremony, so that you can also learn to hold transformational healing containers, workshops, and ceremonies for yourself and others.

The journey begins with the Heart Reiki Initiation, more info here. Happening online and in - person in San Diego, Ca, Aug 6th to 9th.

If you sign up for both before July 30th, you get the Reiki Level 1 Initiation free as part of the Prosperity Embodied course. To find out more, message me directly to


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