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Reflections of a Medicine Woman

So lately I’ve been noticing that with the popularity of plant medicine and growing trend of sacred ceremonies that there are a lot of people out there sharing medicine that perhaps, haven’t fully learned about or integrated the practice.

I understand that the Spirit of the plants and different medicines paths call to us. I understand that we are in a powerful time of awakening and transformation. And yet, I’ve come to learn that this process is not an overnight enlightening ayahuasca ceremony, but a journey of a lifetime…actually a journey of lifetimes (plural).... of learning and refinement.

In the last years, I’ve started to ask myself those sticky questions, like “is what I am doing in integrity?” “Am I honoring the plant spirit?” “Am I honoring the lineage?”

And trust me, it’s been a little nerve wracking to look in that mirror when these questions come up. But it’s been necessary. And important.

Everyone has their truth, and my truth isn’t, and doesn’t have to be your truth.

As I’ve undergone my own refinement, I’ve done my best to stay open to differences in opinion. I’ve been humble enough to acknowledge that I don’t know many things, and that I have a lot to learn from others.

I’ve also come to appreciate being the student and have made the effort to find my teachers, my guides, and while still listening and following my personal inner truth.

There are different medicines on my altar that I work with, some I serve to others, like Kambo and Cacao, others I am still studying like Ayahuasca and Temazcal.

Cacao came to me first, and shortly after Kambo came into my life. The calling was clear, the doors opened the medicine, ceremonies and training flowed with so much ease, grace and abundance.

But these medicines also taught me about what happens things get spread, popularized, practiced and even taught quickly. Which I am so grateful for, because now as I undergo my study to one day facilitate Temazcal and maybe even Grandmother, I am taking my time. I am savoring the moment, and I am enjoying so much being a student.

I am loving my personal investigation into the roots and sources of this lineage, and my journey and experience is becoming so much richer… and so much more nourishing.

When I get to sit at the altar of an original indigenous wisdom keeper of a lineage, it is such a blessing and gift to receive the direct transmission of lifetimes of wisdom. Some of these shamans and healers have been working with the medicine since they were toddlers, trained by their fathers, grandmothers, elders, and so forth.

These indigenous teachers’ consciousness around the medicine and understanding of natural law is so pure and their wisdom comes directly from the earth, the jungle, is supported and confirmed by their tribe, and generations of teachers and practitioners.

And still, so much information is being recovered, and not only that, but society is changing. The problems of city folk are different from those of the jungle. There are definitely parallels… but life out here in the concrete jungle is kind of dirty and nasty, with many mental, emotional and physical issues that come from being exposed to so much artificial food, environment, industrial pharmaceuticals, mold, pesticides, media, conditioning, and information.

Which brings me to why it’s so important and necessary to travel, and especially if you are on the medicine path, to go and visit the original source of where the medicines you work with come from.

Not because your ego needs to prove its righteousness, but because to water the roots of the source, is to water and strengthen your own roots to SOURCE.

And not just that, but if you had the option to drink a cup of real cacao or a cup of Nesquik Chocolate Milk in ceremony, which would you choose?

If you had to pick between and organic fresh pressed juice versus a cup of made from concentrate juice, which would you go for?

I’m not here to judge or condemn anyone, I’m not here to say that drinking the Nesquik or concentrate juice is bad, but I am here to say the organic/ original source is the more nourishing, nutrient dense option out there, and you are worthy of experiencing and consuming these.

And maybe the courage that you need to make that journey to the Amazon, dessert, or sacred place is exactly the same courage that is needed in humanity to actually f***ing change the world and the current societal paradigm.

And maybe the support, confirmation and healing that you are actually needing comes admitting and acknowledging that you need help, that you have a lot to learn, and that you don’t have to go at it all alone.

I am so grateful to my elders, my teachers, my abuelas (specifically Zadir Milla, Don Miguel, Anahata Yolanda Porcayo and Lupita Lares).

This last year has been a tough year of transitions with a lot of breaking up with the past, old ways of being and people. And it’s such a gift to receive to have their support when I needed it.

I am also grateful for sisters, my peers, and healers, that have been on the journey with me and are also my teachers and mirrors, who have been there to catch me when I didn’t know what the fudge to do or where to go.

These relations weren’t bought either, they are not coaches or people that I sought out. These are souls and people I called in, through prayer, through personal refinement, and lots of humility.

So it’s not necessary that after you read this you go out and search for the first teacher, shaman or elder that can teach you what you need to know. This is an invitation for you to just starting asking yourself those uncomfortable questions. This is an invitation to open your heart and start inviting new teachers and spirit guides into your path.

This is a call to action to heal the wounds perhaps of past encounters with teachers and mirrors that were not in integrity and remember that you can trust the world, that you can trust others to guide and carry the weight of these big responsibilities.

Because trust me, it feels so good to be watered by your support team, it feels so good to turn to an elder or teacher and ask these hard questions ….. Especially on the medicine path…. That trust me has so much going on, and so much false information and light, unfortunately.

And I am here for you, medicine man, medicine woman.

I am not claiming to be a master of anything, or to know it all, but can I offer you my opinion, and a story or teaching that was passed onto me or channeled through me. I can offer you a door to a path or medicine that has helped me heal, reclaim my power and truth.

And I can also invite you to a retreat to the sacred lands that have nourished me, a ceremony with my teachers and or container where I share with you the teachings I have integrated along the way.


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