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Some tips for this Aquarius Season

Feb 9th, 2022


The sun is in Aquarius this month. This air sign brings us the winds of change and innovation. Aquarius energy is related to community, humanity, relationships, forging new paths and new social systems. The sun represents our outer world - how we are seen and relate to the world.

Aquarius is ruled by the element of Air. Air represents the mind, our thoughts, and consciousness. During these days leading up to the Full Moon in Leo, happening Feb 16th, you may notice yourself cutting away with olds of thinking and of being. You may even be in a process of moving, ending old relationships, and or creating new ones.

One thing is for sure, you are not who you were before. And all of these new upgrades require time to integrate. From now until March, April we are crystallizing into the new version of ourselves.The doors are open and there is a lot of ripe potential. It may be hard to recognize the blessing since it is so new looking, but trust that things are happening, and things are moving in your favor. You are evolving and becoming better at what you are doing every day. You are expanding your light and integrating more than you can imagine; and you are worthy; you are seen.

The universe and divine energies present are supporting your ascension process.Lastly, make sure to allow others to also go through their process. Everyone is getting in touch with more of their true, authentic nature. People are no longer interested in wearing masks. People are aligning to people and places that resonate with their same frequency; and love and accept them for whom they truly are.

So don’t take it personally when people cut ties with you, or you have to cut ties with them. Shedding is a natural process; releasing the old makes space for the new.And lastly, from my heart to yours, “Set yourself free. Let yourself be happy.”




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