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Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice

Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we honor the longest night of the year; and tomorrow the light of the sun and symbol for our Soul is reborn.

Like the Trees, when winter comes we are invited to shed and let go of old leaves.

Like the Bear, we may also may feel called to retreat into our caves and to hibernate, rest, and dream awake future timelines and possibilities.

And or, like the butterfly and hummingbird, perhaps we are inspired to travel south to warmer and sunnier climates in search of nectar and honey.

Regardless of what you choose, today offers you a powerful portal to release what you no longer want to carry into 2023.

May you take time tonight to honor your darkness - your shadows.

May you take the time to honor and release once and for all the parts of you that are dying and or have died this past season.And may you allow for tomorrow’s sunrise to recharge and refresh your spirit, so you may be reborn anew.

May this Solstice, and the upcoming Holy-day seasonal celebrations, fill your heart with love, prosperity and lots of light for your way forward.


Some major themes that are playing out in the collective are relationship closures, the releasing of old ways of being, habits, codependent patterns and addictions.

People are awakening to the truth of whom they are and want to be, and the energies that are connecting us to 2023 are asking us to shed those people, places, habits, beliefs, things, that don’t align with this higher version of ourselves.

Some powerful themes for 2023 that are emerging are

Soul Purpose, Deep Presence, and Compassion

What are the themes or energies you want to embody this next year?


Currently, I am in Mexico City, celebrating this Winter Solstice at the Temple Mayor, the place of the Ancient Ruins of Tenochtitlan - the ancient capital of the Atzec and Mexicah Civilizations.

I didn’t plan it, but this is this temple is actually the sacred altar for the energy and Atzec God/ deity of Huitzilopochtli. This deity was known as the left-handed hummingbird. He was also known as the Warrior and God of light.

It is said that after the Winter Solstice Huitzilopochtli, re-emerges out of the darkness of the longest night of the year, ready to make his journey of personal evolution and transformation.

He begins this journey as a small humble hummingbird and by Summer Solstice, grows into, just like the crops do, into his full potential, transforming into the Royal Eagle.Huitzilopochtli is the god and ruler of the South in the Mexicah medicine wheel.

It is through this door that we ask for strength and the willpower to combat our darkest fears and shadows, and the long or dark night of the soul.

The strength and courage of the hummingbird supports us in overcoming our biggest enemy, which is our self.

Through the way of the Warrior of the heart, Huitzilopochtli, we remember to heal and protect the light and fire of our soul and spirit. Through gratitude, ceremony, and community we are offered new life, new-found joy.


As the indigenous wisdom keepers, the yogis, sages and ancient priest and priestesses know, the natural world holds the keys and mythology of our personal consciousness and evolution.

By looking to the stars, the elements, the animals, seasons, we too can unlock our potential for greater manifestation and transformation.

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