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the Goddess Temple San Diego


Heart Yoga & Reiki



Goddess Temple Transformational Medicine  Weekend Retreat

 6/21 to 6/23
Private Residence - Julian, San Diego, Ca


Daughters and Sisters of the Sun,

we are gathering together this upcoming

Solstice for a weekend of

Divine Feminine Magick, Medicine, and Music.



* Elemental Yoga

* Nature Walks

* Breathework

* Shamanic Intuitive Dance

* Plant & Earth Medicine

* Sound & Music Therapy
* Sacred Healing Arts

* Ritual Magick

* Art of Ceremony
* Embodiment 

* Energy Healing

* Conscious Connection

* Ancestral Womb Healing


Awaken to more of the Sacred in your life experiencing the art of ceremony and embodiment.

Deepen your self-care practice and learn to work with Sacred Cacao, Kambo Medicine, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Dance, and Medicine Music.

Experience and share in collective group energy healing, ritual magick, conscious connection, shamanic, sound, and vibrational energy healing.

Ground into your body with nature walks, yoga, dance, intuitive movement and connection, and embody the healing you are seeking to enjoy and receive more of in your life.

Connect to your Sacred Sisterhood here in San Diego. Connect to your soul tribe of women and fellow priestesses on the path to self-realization.

Unplug from your usual routine and life, and connect to the natural beauty and abundance that is present in our backyard. Visit and explore the beautiful Cuyamaca Lake and Julian Mountains.

Experience the beauty, power, and richness of your Sacred Heart and celebrate your Healing, celebrate you, Goddess!

Join me for a weekend of purification and empowerment by experiencing a retreat that honors your S☀️UL practice and takes you on a healing journey to discover more of who you truly are.

Embody healing with Yoga, Dance, Energy Healing Meditations and Music therapy, and much more.

Participate in (optional) Kambo Medicine for the duration of the weekend for a deep physical, emotional and spiritual cleanse.

kambo tree.jpg

For more info on Kambo, please call or email me directly at 
and read:

*Kambo is a Spiritual Earth medicine that comes from the gland excretions of the Amazonian frog, Phyllomedusa bicolor (Giant Leaf Frog).

Dr. Kambocito's medicine and magic is that he is able illuminate and help you diagnose what in your system is out of alignment, as in, what is causing symptoms of dis-comfort, dis-ease, or dis-harmony in your physical/ mental/ emotional/ energetic/ spiritual body.

Kambo's therapeutic effects are caused by a chemical cocktail of bio-active peptides that induce your body into having an immune system response that helps you detox from all of your cells; helping you balance hormones and release toxins, inflammation, infection, parasites, and fungus like candida from your blood, body, and intestines.

Kambo is known to help people clear and heal their energy body from dark energy, external entities/spirits or "panema," the term for a cloud of bad luck or depression, dis-ease used by the indigenous tribes, or known as karma or past life contracts.

***If you are interested in purchasing Cacao, please email me. 

I am carrying and selling Sacred Ceremonial Grade Mayan Cacao from Guatemala.

Tentative Schedule:


3pm Check in

5pm Sunset Yoga and Sound Healing Journey

7pm Dinner

8pm Opening Solstice Ceremony


7am Optional Kambo Ceremony
Otherwise: Nature Walk, Breathework, and Mindful Meditation

10am Breakfast

12pm Elemental Goddess Yoga
Chakra Energy Healing

2pm Lunch

3pm Rest, Relaxation, Conscious Connection

6pm Sunset Cacao Dance

7pm Dinner and Medicine Song Circle


7am Optional Kambo Ceremony
Otherwise: Nature Walk, Breathework, and Mindful Meditation

10am Breakfast

12pm Art of Sacred Ceremony - Incorporating Cacao and Ritual into you Self Care Practice

2pm Lunch

Check out


***option to stay one more night for Kambo Ceremony Monday Morning and more magick (not included in price)



Being apart of the Goddess Embodiment retreat was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself in awhile... The space that was held here for such a diverse group of women was one of the most comforting, encouraging and inspiring groups I’ve been able to connect with. Through the deep intentions set for each workshop and the flow of everyday - truly such a powerful experience. I relearned the tools of awakening and strengthening my inner goddess. Full remebermance when surrounded by my sisters. Being apart of this experience is something that changed my entire life. Leaving the retreat I have a deeper connection with Mother Earth, new sisters in my life, self love, empowerment, magic, song activation, ancestral healing, solar circles, dance expression, yoga, plant medicine and connecting the the mind body and spirit in a multitude of ways. Beyond expression for this experience. Thank you again to all apart of creating such a magical container for us to release - remember and refresh.

- Previous Goddess Temple Participant

Want to join the tribe of Global Goddesses?

For a limited time, I am offering an early bird discount of $144 if you register by June 1st. To register, email me at and I can send you the details.

I want to make this retreat accessible for any Wombyn feeling called to this sacred ceremonial healing work and medicine.

If you are feeling called to gather and meet like minded sisters in a space that is intimate, safe, unconditionally loving, healing and supportive then consider joining me in this sacred container and exclusive retreat.

This retreat is an offering for those needing to make time and space to honor their unique self care and self healing needs. It is for those on the path and that are open to receiving the support of commUnity and the Mother Goddess.

With numerous Holistic Healing Modalities there is something for everyone.

Yoga, Reiki, Theta Healing, Voice Activations, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Dance, Shamanism, Cacao and Kambo (optional for those wanting a Warrior Spiritual Cleanse).

If you have any questions feel free to message me, I am here to be of service to your ascension and transformation.

Why $144?

Well, let me let you in on a little secret, or perhaps you already know. There is a prophecy that says that when 144,000 people become enlightened, or turn on and align their Rainbow Bridge (aka our chakra system) then heaven on Earth will return for the majority.

During this retreat, we will be working directly with our Chakra system using yoga, energy and plant medicine to heal, restore and strengthen our chakras. One of my greatest passions is Chakra Healing as a researcher and practitioner of Chakra Psychology.

Part of my mission on this Earth is to embody this prophecy and guide others to turn on and bring into alignment and harmony their Chakra Rainbow Bridge 🌈

Will you join me and the other 144,000 souls called to this mission this S☀️ulstice??

Let’s walk each other home together.



Including all food, Cacao, and workshops,
Shared Room/ Communal accommodation - $444 ( when you register by May 31st, $588 afterward)
*** Payment plan option, register for only $200 to reserve your spot, and claim your early bird registration.

Private Room and bathroom: $1100 ($450 Deposit)

☀️ Previous Goddess Temple Retreat Participants - Receive 10% off

💃🏼 Refer a friend, and both of you get %10 off :)

🐸 $111 extra per Kambo Ceremony ( Special Group Retreat Price)

To Participate, please register by sending your deposit or full payment to:

Carla Janette Gonzalez-Guerra is the founder of Heart Yoga & Reiki ( and the Goddess Temple San Diego.


She is a Medicine Woman, Transformational Energy Healing Facilitator, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach striving to open all persons to their highest potential and divine expression.


Her passion and purpose is to create safe and sacred spaces around the world that inspire awakening and transformational healing.


It is her mission to help awaken her clients to more self- love, purpose, and harmony in their lives through Embodiment workshops, retreats, sacred plant medicine ceremonies, and online coaching programs.


Carla is a 500RYS - Yoga Teacher, certified Reiki Energy and Shamanic Healing practitioner, and Clinical Psychology Graduate from the University of California, San Diego. For more info, visit

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