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the Goddess Temple San Diego


Carla Jannette 



 Medicine Wombyn

 Weekend Retreat

12/12 - 12/13
Private Residence

Vista/ San Diego, Ca


Dear Medicine Sisters and Goddesses on the path, 

Join me for an initiatory Medicine Woman Weekend Retreat in San Diego, California, where we will be working with the Sacred Plant Medicine of Kambo, Rapé, and Cacao to deeply heal at the level of the Womb, Heart, and Throat Chakra.

Meet your soul tribe, experience remembrance and holistic healing, while deepening your relationship with the art and power of Sacred Sisterhood, Shamanic Medicine Music, and Divine Feminine Ritual Magick.




* Kambo

* Cacao

* Primal Yoga

* Breathework

* Shamanic Intuitive Dance 
* Sacred Healing Arts

* Ritual Magick

* Art of Ceremony

* Voice Activation

* Medicine Music Creation
* Yoni Steam

* Ancestral Womb Healing


The intention of this journey is to initiate you into the path of Sacred Plant Medicine, through the purifying and empowering sacred plant medicine of Kambo, Rapée, and Cacao.

Your body is a vessel for your Soul's ascension, join me, Starseeds, Shakti's, and Medicine Sisters for a special 12/12 portal ceremony that will activate and awaken your Soul Blueprint to higher pleasure, prayer, and creativity.

This retreat is an opportunity to heal your womb, heart, and throat on a physical and psycho-spiritual level in Sacred Ceremony with other sisters.


When we heal together we are able to up level and transmute our ancient sister wounds with even more grace and power. We are restoring our Soul's DNA to the ancient future codes of higher dimensional love, harmony and embodiment by connecting to our galactic ancestors from Sirius, Venus, and the Pleiades. 

Awaken to more of your Sacred Feminine magick, and enjoy the Sacredness of this life by experiencing the art of Prayer, Medicine Music, and Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony in this weekend warrior Goddess retreat.


Deepen your self-care practice with potent tools for transformational healing like Breathwork, Shamanic Yoga, Vocal Activations, Yoni Steaming, Womb Work, Sacred Sexuality, and Medicine Music Creation.


Experience an intimate connection with Great Spirit and your SOULtribe. Share in collective group energy healing, ritual magick, conscious connection, shamanic, sound, and vibrational energy healing.

Ground into your body with yoga, delicious vegan food, music, dance, intuitive movement and connection, and embody the healing you are seeking to enjoy and receive more of in your life.

Connect to your Sacred Sisterhood here in San Diego. Connect to your soul tribe of women and fellow priestesses on the path to self-realization.


Full Price: $350

Includes One Kambo Ceremony, Rapee, plus all workshops, food, cacao and communal sleeping

Please make sure to contact me personally if it is your first time working with Kambo.

Optional 3 Day Cleanse available for limited Group Price of $555

For direct questions, text me at +1(619)333-9248

***If you are interested in purchasing Cacao, please email me. 

I am carrying and selling Sacred Ceremonial Grade Mayan Cacao from Guatemala. Email me here



10am - 1pm    Kambo Ceremony

1 - 4pm        Light lunch, Sauna and Integration

4 - 6pm       Art of Ritual: Voice Activation and

               Medicine Music Song Creation Ceremony - LEarn the art of                     Weaving your own Medicine Songs 

6 - 7pm       Rest and Relaxation, Dinner

7 - 8 pm      Yoni Steams and Goddess Sensuality - with Valeria Valencia

               Pleasure & creativity Ritual

8 - 10pm      Sauna and Integration


8:00 am       Primal Goddess Yoga and Breathwork - WIth MADDIE JURAKA

9:00 am       Breakfast and pack up

10 - 12 pm     Closing Cacao Ceremony 




Photos and Videos from a previous Goddess Temple Retreats hosted by Carla Jannette



Being apart of the Goddess Embodiment retreat was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself in awhile... The space that was held here for such a diverse group of women was one of the most comforting, encouraging and inspiring groups I’ve been able to connect with. Through the deep intentions set for each workshop and the flow of everyday - truly such a powerful experience. I relearned the tools of awakening and strengthening my inner goddess. Full remebermance when surrounded by my sisters. Being apart of this experience is something that changed my entire life. Leaving the retreat I have a deeper connection with Mother Earth, new sisters in my life, self love, empowerment, magic, song activation, ancestral healing, solar circles, dance expression, yoga, plant medicine and connecting the the mind body and spirit in a multitude of ways. Beyond expression for this experience. Thank you again to all apart of creating such a magical container for us to release - remember and refresh.

- Previous Goddess Temple Participant


Want to join the tribe of Global Goddesses?


To register, email me at

I want to make this retreat accessible for any Wombyn feeling called to this sacred ceremonial healing work and medicine. Payment plans are available, and limited work trade discounts.

If you are feeling called to gather and meet like-minded sisters in a space that is intimate, safe, unconditionally loving, healing and supportive then consider joining me in this sacred container and exclusive retreat.

This retreat is an offering for those needing to make time and space to honor their unique self-care and self healing needs. It is for those on the path and that are open to receiving the support of commUnity and the Mother Goddess.

With numerous Holistic Healing Modalities there is something for everyone.

Yoga, Reiki, Theta Healing, Voice Activations, Sound Therapy, Intuitive Dance, Shamanism, Cacao and Kambo (optional Warrior Spiritual Cleanse).

If you have any questions feel free to message me, I am here to be of service to your ascension and transformation.


PRICE of Event:

Including 1 Kambo Cleanse, Ceremony food, Cacao, and Workshops, Shared Room/ Communal Sleeping & Accommodation - $350

Early Bird Price: Register before November 20th - $300

Limited Capacity available

*** Payment plan option, register for only $100 to reserve your spot, and say yes to more love in your life!

-Pay off the remaining balance in payments if necessary

Private Room option: 

To Participate, please register by sending your deposit or full payment to:

Or email me directly to Heartchocolateyoga for more options and payment plans.


Carla Janette Gonzalez-Guerra is the founder of Heart Yoga & Reiki ( and the Goddess Temple San Diego.


She is a Medicine Woman, Transformational Energy Healing Facilitator, and Spiritual Empowerment Coach striving to open all persons to their highest potential and divine expression.


Her passion and purpose is to create safe and sacred spaces around the world that inspire awakening and transformational healing.


It is her mission to help awaken her clients to more self- love, purpose, and harmony in their lives through Embodiment workshops, retreats, sacred plant medicine ceremonies, and online coaching programs.


Carla is a 500RYS - Yoga Teacher, certified Reiki Energy and Shamanic Healing practitioner, and Clinical Psychology Graduate from the University of California, San Diego. For more info, visit

Maddie Juracka is a herbalist, energy alchemist, cacao priestess and practitioner of the healing arts.  She has a passion for creating experiences that facilitate deep healing and transformation where everyone can feel free to be loved and seen as the beautiful soul they are, within a container that is safe, sacred and welcoming to all.


Her dharma is to connect everyone she works with to a more natural state of being that is grounded into the energy of the elements and the natural rhythms of the Earth.  She is especially passionate about guiding wombyn on the path to reclaiming their sacred self-sovereignty, and helping to connect them to the highest expression of their divine being.  Through embodied practices that allow us to tune into our innate intuitive wisdom and psychic abilities, we can begin to awaken the full energetic spectrum of our souls.


Maddie is a 200RYT, certified Clinical Herbalist and certified Heart Reiki practitioner. 

Valeria Valencia es Mujer Medicina, wombyn circle facilitator, yoga and Reiki practitioner, shamanic intuitive healer, cacao priestess and plant medicine ceremonialist. She is here for the rise of the divine feminine as she walks the path of the rose. Embodiment is her deepest bliss. 

She is a living invitation to reclaim your freedom. She sets a strong, safe and sacred container to connect to your yoni’s innate wisdom, express your soul’s deepest desires, find your voice, release & heal wounds, and awaken your power. 

Valeria is RYT-200, certified Yinki (yin + reiki) teacher, Wellness and self-development AA graduate, and IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) holistic health coach.

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