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Full Moon in Taurus and Partial Lunar Eclipse

This Full Moon in Taurus and Partial Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your true self. Your hOme, your body, and your personal universe.

Eclipses represent portals of transformation and awakening. They tend to bring fated events into our lives that help to elevate the evolution and growth of our souls.

Who are you really, outside the roles that you play and project for others? Who are you beyond your past, your pains and troubles?

The time is now to move past the barriers and blockages that the ego-self has created.

During these last days is in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, release the old, release the stories of the past keeping you in loops of sabotage and pain.

This is a time to let go, to allow the natural cycle of death, rebirth, and regeneration to take its course. And whether you like it or not, what you are not meant to take with you into the future will die away.

We are moving into the age of Aquarius, Jupiter squaring this Eclipse is an opening up of the truth. And the truth can be harsh, or it can be enlightening. Do not be afraid, you are being encouraged to expand your consciousness and grow your awareness. And right now, is the time to think big, to trust yourself, your big visions. You are wiser and more connected to your intuition and truth than ever before.

This weekend, take time out to check in with your heart, your dreams, and your desires. By releasing the old, you make space for the NEW. If you can remember back to May (Taurus season) what since then have you manifested and materialized for yourself, and what have you let go - or are recognizing it's time to let go of.

And then reflect, what do you want to create for yourself, for your community and this planet in the next six months.

You are worthy of all your dreams and desires, spiritual and material.

And I am here to help you.


Starting this January, I am beginning the new cohort of my 13 Moons Embodied Facilitator Training and Mentorship Program for medicine wombyn, healers, and priestesses.

During the Prosperity Embodied learning portion of this program, I will take you through each Chakra and its pertaining element.

Archetypal Chakra Psychology is the language in which the mind/ego understands the “universe” - the collective consciousness - through major patterns and images such as deities, myths, gods/ goddesses and is in the case of this program - the elements and Shakti/Shiva.

This coursebook will teach you how the chakra system pertains to your life and that of your clients. This knowledge will help you better understand the root cause of many healing crises.’ There are questionnaires for you to complete and utilize for learning how to recognize when the chakra system is out of balance.

By understanding Chakra psychology, you will learn how to recognize patterns in behavior that stiffen growth, cause dis-ease and or block the flow of abundance and prosperity.

To counteract these imbalances, you will learn how to heal yourself and others through the practice of ritual ceremony and a variety of holistic healing practices like Yoga, Tantra, Mantra, Visualization, Meditation, Reiki, Shamanism, Plant Medicine, and somatic release - intuitive sound, movement, and touch.

By the end of this program, you will have learned to create a practice and lifestyle of ritual ceremony. You will have a deep understanding of how to alchemize pain and trauma into healing potential, into love-light. You will have a strong foundation in the art of prayer, invocation, manifestation, and embodied living.

During our personal calls, we will ensure you have the confidence and ability to create and share your unique transformational ceremony experience.

As a bonus, you will also get my newest module and coursebook on Energy Mastery. During this module, you will learn how to cleanse, clear, and protect your energy and that of your sacred space/ ceremony. You will also learn about the ethics and foundations of Sacred Space Holding by applying them directly in and out of ceremonial healing settings.


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