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What’s Cacao Bliss?

Cacao Bliss is the sacred creative frequency of the earth that flows through us when we open our hearts and allow for the spirit of Cacao to expand our edges. Cacao’s physical and spiritual properties allow for us to tap into a deeper experience of the 6 senses. Cacao, like meditation, increases communication and blood flow to the brain and body; and when used with the intention to give thanks, connect, to feel and be present, we create a vibratory field that amplifies joy, interconnectedness and the manifestation of our dreams and true heart’s desire. Cacao is an amazing plant ally that can be taken in the morning or before your spiritual practice to increase creativity and confidence. 5 years ago I didn’t know how to use my voice, how to sing or play the guitar, now thanks to Cacao, plant medicine and my commitment to the devotional practice of Kirtan, and medicine music I can confidently say now that I am a sacred artist and musician. I give so much thanks to my guides, teachers and friends along the way that helped me and cheered me on. Do you want to learn how to tap into the bliss frequency through singing, dancing, and praying with Cacao? Join me this upcoming Feb 24th for the Cacao Yoga Bliss Retreat in Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, and receive direct support, healing and guidance to empower your voice and sacred practice.


This will be my 4th Annual Heart of Cacao Guatemala Immersion - a deep dive into the healing practice of Cacao ceremonies.

This year’s retreat begins with one full week at lake Atitlan for the Cacao Bliss Immersion and retreat, where you will learn more about how Cacao is a beautiful tool and catalyst for creating conscious commUnity; And experience how Cacao can be used for personal and collective healing when it’s combined with movement, meditation, singing and prayer. Experience Cacao and Kirtan, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Mayan Ceremony and much more.

Then there’s also the option to join for the sacred pilgrimage, which is part of the second portion of the retreat, where we will embark on a mystical spiritual adventure to two major sacred sites in the Mayan world of Guatemala.

This is an amazing opportunity to experience authentic Mayan spiritual alchemy and ancestral healing; and personally meet and receive personal healings from my Mayan Spiritual teachers and while at the Mayan pyramids in Tikal.

Click the link below for more info or visit:

Mention this blog, and get $300 off the Cacao Immersion. Reply to this post directly for more information.


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