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YULE Winter Solstice

Happy SOLSTICE, beautiful beings,

Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are celebrating the Winter Solstice, also known as Yule in pagan traditions. Today is the shortest day of the year, and tonight is the longest night. Tomorrow, we welcome the return of the Sun, and moving forward our days will get longer. Solstice also marks the first day of Winter. In Ancient times, this day was commonly celebrated as the Winter Yule Festival. 

Starting today, we enter a portal that spans about 12 days as we celebrate the ending of this year and enter the next. The Winter Solstice, representing the longest night, invites us to rest. To honor the darkness, and the night. We are invited to come back home to ourselves, to our soul, SOL, to our inner and outer family. 

These days are a great time to reflect upon this last (Gregorian) year, of 2023. Take a moment today or in the coming days to give thanks for all the blessings in your life, giving thanks to Great Spirit, yourself and your loved ones for all the beautiful connections, gifts, magic, abundance, love, support and care that you received this past year.

Also make time to contemplate what did not come into fruition, examine which seeds, or ideas, did not bear fruit. Was this from a lack of effort, or was it not in alignment? Maybe you want to try again in 2024, or maybe it’s time to release these seeds for now. Also consider what might no longer be serving you moving forward, and allow yourself to release what you no longer want to carry into 2024. Trust that new ideas, opportunities and inspiration will emerge when you create the space for them.

Solstices, as most pagan holidays, are a time to celebrate the changing seasons, and the cycles of life and rebirth. As we honor the earth, through earth based spirituality and the reclamation of the Goddess, we come into deeper reverence and presence with the cyclical nature of life. On this human and spiritual journey, we are always walking along the sacred spiral of life. This is evolution, (r)evolution; this is Kundalini Shakti awakening, transforming, and creating; this is the nature of our universe. 

And lastly, in honor of the energies of the sacred lands I find myself on. Today, I want to give mention, and honor the energy of Huitzilopochtli, the left-handed hummingbird of the South, who is reborn during this night. On this night, the SUN, symbolically dies to be reborn as a hummingbird with renewed strength, luminosity and warmth to continue creating and maintaining life on our beloved Planet Earth. The hummingbird is a symbol of the great strength of the heart, and great willpower we all carry to carry out our sacred purpose and divine assignment in this life.

Happy Winter Solstice, may the renewed light of the sun, and Huitzilopochtli, bring you many blessings on this beautiful day.


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