HeArt of Cacao

Cacao Immersion Retreat

Lake atitlan

january 23rd to 28th

Join me for a week in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala at the Mystical Yoga Farm as we dive deep into the art of Cacao Circle & Sacred Ceremony together.

What is Sacredness?

Together we will explore what it means to be a guardian of this sacred plant medicine, what it means to embody the medicine path. 


We will journey together into the heart of Cacao with sacred ceremony, lectures, discussions, plant medicine journeys, tours, local culture and indigenous teachers, guests and facilitators. 


This retreat is an offering, a way to give back to the healing gift and powerful catalyst of transformation that Sacred Cacao is. Together we will share in ritual offerings and gratitude prayers for Cacao and connect to the culture and cosmology of these ancient tools.

As part of this experience you will also have the opportunity to dive into the art of group energy healing, space holding, energy management, ritual ceremony and facilitation.


There will be an opportunity for you to learn Heart Reiki, an intuitive energy healing modality based on Traditional Usui Reiki and other Shamanic Indigenous healing tools and modalities. Heart Reiki is a pre-requisite for many of my other courses and mentorship programs, and will be included as part of this special Heart of Cacao initiation immersion and ceremony. (not included in the price)

This retreat is the perfect way to dive deeper into your Sacred Cacao practice. Perfect for new and old students who want to connect to this Sacred Plant Medicine and its ancestral GuateMayan lands.


Heart of Cacao:

The Foundations of sacred ceremony


The Path of the Jaguar

cacao Cosmology

Offrienda (ritual offering) ceremony

Mayan Fire Ceremony


Mayan Calendar Activation


Visit the Cacao Farm


Heart and High Heart : Space Holding &

Energy Healing Facilitation Modules


Cacao, Ethics, Creating Conscious Culture,

community service, and Sustainable Businesses


Cacao Ceremonies






Sound Healing


Medicine Music


Ecstatic Dance



Option For Kambo Ceremony

& Other Plant MEdicine Journeys

Join me in these sacred lands for a week of connection, prayer, celebration, ceremony,

and council.

Early Bird Price: $1,111

Dorm Room Communal Sleeping - before Jan 1st

Regular Price: $1,440

After Jan 1st (Extended Early Bird - Holiday Special)

or Private Accommodation (Limited Availability-Please inquire)

10% of all financial contributions  will go directly back to the

local communities.

Due to current safety protocols we will honor refunds and exchanges for extraneous cases

where travel is interrupted due to CoVid.   

To register Email me at




Pay Full Amount or $222 Deposit to:

Venmo @carla-jannette-1

or Paypal Deposit  @ Carlaguerra333@gmail.com

for other payment methods, please email.

limited Partial Work Trade/ Scholarship for Locals/ BIPOC / latin american passport

please contact by email

Don't hesitate, sign up today

Take advantage of this Low Season Price!

For more info about the magical location we are staying at, visit here

Mystical Yoga Farm

Travel Tips:

  • Fly out of Tijuana (if you live in San Diego)

  • Fly into GUA (guatemala Airport)

  • I like to Fly Volaris

  • Covid testing required within 3 days of travel Date to get on the plane



23rd Day 1


Restorative Yoga


Music & fire 

24th Day 2:

Mayan Ceremony

Yoga/ Sound Healing


Music & fire

25th Day 3:


Visit to the Cacao farm 

26th Day 4:


Ofrienda/ Despacho Ceremony

Module 1 - Sacred Ceremony & CACAO 101 

Transformational Workshop Creatix Codes 

Heart Centered Space Holding & Facilitation

Ethics and Sustainable Business practices 

27th Day 5:


San Marcos Women's Collective tour

Heart of Cacao Reiki Healing Initiation

(Level 1&2) Price not included*

HeArt of Ceremony Activation

28th Day 6: 

Full Moon

Community Cacao Intention & Higher Vision Circle 

Closing Ceremony

Departure to San Marcos


* At Heartcosm.net the word medicine is used to describe the concept that everything and everyone has the potential to serve as a medicine,* teaching, lesson, or healing remedy, it in no way is this word referring to any FDA approved medications, or pharmaceuticals


We are the medicine, we are the ones we've been waiting for!

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