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Full Moon in Aquarius - August 22nd, 2021

Sending you love and blessings this Full Moon 🌕

This is the second full moon in Aquarius this month, making this full moon a blue moon. A blue moon is a rare occurrence in which two full moons occur in one month.

During these times of change... don’t forget to breathe… The power of the breath, i.e. PRESENCE, is here to help us move into the age of Aquarius. In the golden age, our heart and sacred connection to Source leads the way.

Let the mind/ ego rest in the knowing that you can trust your heart to guide you in every present moment.

ASTROLOGY REPORT: Annie Tarasova @dreamy_moons

The moon is in Aquarius is an Air sign, bringing in the winds of change and innovation. Aquarius energy is related to community, humanity, relationships, forging new paths and new social systems. The moon represents our inner world - our internal psyche - our intuitive, emotional and creative processes. It’s related to our feelings and our desires, subconscious fears, stories, and patterns.

The sun has been in Leo, a Fire sign, but today or tomorrow, August 22nd/ 23rd (depending on your location), we move into Virgo. Virgo is an earth sign that helps us ground, heal and connect to our personal genius, logic, resources, and home. This energy can help us integrate the life shifts and spiritual transformations that we have been experiencing in our self and collective.

And, it is worth noting, that right now there are a record number of retrogrades occurring, with Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Uranus, Black Moon Lilith, Eris, and the North Node all in retrograde. This energy reminds us and invites us to use the following weeks and months to review, reflect, re-evaluate, re-pair, re-generate, re-new, and re-birth our self before perhaps moving forward with any new projects or endeavors. For more on this, check out Kaypacha’s Weekly Astrology report here.

The cosmos are asking us to slow down and make extra time for self- care and self-healing. The energies present in the universe are in your favor, they want to empower you and support you in becoming your highest self…. And, with the amount of chaos present in current society, if you are a healer and empath, it is imperative you give yourself just as much you give to others, now more than ever.

When you give yourself your time, your gifts, your unique medicine, you are able to re-connect to your unique creative genius and magick. This can promote new and inspired ideas and innovation.

When you find yourself, you can give yourself away even more authentically and powerfully.

This full moon in Aquarius is calling for more co-creation, and coexistence. Virgo, and the energy of wholeness that it brings, can promote a more nurturing and compassionate view of the self and other. Thank God/dess!

So let’s start by practicing this with ourselves. In the quantum world, we are one, so when we heal and hold our self, the whole feels it too. This is the art of embodying unity consciousness and owning your power as a creator/creatix.

Be the frequency you want to see in the world.


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