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The Goddess Temple San Diego 

You are invited to join The Goddess Temple San Diego Series at Trilogy Sanctuary in La Jolla once a month. 


A safe and sacred space for women to come together to empower and support one another.


In The Goddess Temple, all women are encouraged to authentically express their truth, creativity, and unique gifts.


For Wombyn of all ages and stages of development.


Topics include:

  • Goddess Yoga - January 26th, 2018 -  Connect to your divine feminine blueprint by activating your innate Kundalini Shakti Energy channel. Fusing Hatha, Kundalini Kriya, Tribal Dance, and Vocal Toning, this class will teach women how to empower themselves by providing a space for them to express themselves authentically through movement and sound. All levels welcome


  • Sacred Sexuality - February 26th, 2018 - Balancing and Embodying the Divine Masculine and Feminine through Dance. Learn about the archetypal energy of Shiva (Divine Masculine) and Shakti (Divine Feminine) through an Ecstatic Dance Practice. Cacao will be offered. All levels welcome.


  • Goddess Culture- March 23rd, 2018 - The Matriarch and Ancestral Arts - A discussion on Goddess Culture throughout history.


  • Self-Care and Self-Love Practices - April 28th, 2018 - Learn about different practices for practicing more self-love, including essential oils, self- massage, and Compassionate / Non-violent Communication with the Self.


And much more...


Things to bring:

Yoga mat


Pen and journal


Price: $25 per Class

Attendance to all classes is encouraged but not required. :)



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