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COSMIC FORECAST - Jupiter in Scorpio Portal, 10/10/17 to 11/8/18

Hi Cacao Lover,

How are you? Are you feeling the Scorpio Energy in the air? For those of you that follow astrology, here are a few insights as we just entered the Jupiter in Scorpio portal that started on Tuesday, October 10th, 2017, and lasts until November 8th, of 2018. Remembering that what is playing out astrologically in the cosmos is merely a reflection of what is happening in the collective consciousness, some things may resonate, some may not, but, like the two sides of a coin, there are always two ways to look that these trends as they are expressed or witnessed.

Jupiter is the biggest planet, so it expands all energies that it passes through. Thoughts, memories, and desires from our depths will be rising to the surface to be seen, and we will ALL be Feeling it. A recurring theme for the sign of Scorpio is metamorphosis and transformation. Like the snake that sheds his skin, the caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly, or the phoenix that rises from the ashes, Scorpio influences your evolution by showing you what you no longer need and what you are willing to fight for.

Scorpio energy is that of determination, investigation, and strategic or methodical action. Scorpios are good analyzing at planning for the future. It is very likely that for the next year you will be called to analyze and explore many areas of your life, including the ones that you may have turned a blind eye to before... out of fear, or for it being too taboo even. Scorpio rules all things sexuality, spirituality, intuitive/unseen, and metaphysical. Trust and follow the guidance and messages that you are receiving from your HEART and the Universe, Trust that they are for your highest and greatest good. Trust your instincts, your Self.

Overall, the next year will bring its challenges, and it will also welcome its pleasant unexpected miracles and surprises. It will definitely have its ups and its downs. The mantra for these surprising times is “Expect the Unexpected, Find Comfort in Discomfort, and Balance Focused Effort with Self-Care and Play.” Unexpected events may bring blessings or sudden circumstances that will change your life. Stay positive and have faith all is working itself for your highest good. Trust that your Scorpio nature will know exactly when to strike when needed. Scorpios’ determination and need for truth and depth will guide you through this powerful portal of evolution and ascension.

Remember to take time to check in with your body, your heart, and mind, and ask yourself if you are being true to yourself about what is you truly desire in your life. You have the power to transform your life into your wildest dreams. Use this portal that we are entering to usher in a new era in your life. Be the Butterfly, Be the Snake, Be the Phoenix, you got this! Trust that you are supported.

As always, I am here to support your journey as well. You are always welcome to my Cacao Ceremonies for an Energy Tune up and your daily dose of Delicious Divine Medicine. I also offer private Holistic Energy Medicine Sessions and Coaching, ($80 for 55min individual sessions, please inquire about coaching packages.)

I love you, and want to see you Succeed and LOVE LIFE!

If you would like to dive deeper in this subject, here are some of my favorite Astrology resources:



Join me this next Wednesday, October 18th at Trilogy for a New Moon Heart Yoga and Reiki Cacao Ceremony to set some intentions for the next Lunar Cycle. By aligning yourself to the Cosmos and sowing seeds of intentions as did the farmers on the New Moon, you are better able to navigate and produce change and prosperity in your life.

This ceremony will be focused on opening, balancing, and restoring health to the fourth Chakra, ANAHATA, aka the HEART Chakra. The heart is the bridge between your aspirations and your reality; heaven and earth; spirit and matter. The heart provides the fuel for your transformational journey, bringing balance and healing to yourself and others.

Link to FB event page and tickets:

Per usual, please message me with any comments or questions, or if you would simply like to drop in and say HI!

With Love,


In la Kech,


---------*Women Only*-----------

PS. Without further ado, my newest offering, The Goddess Temple Transformational Weekend Retreat.

Calling out all Goddesses to join me November 18th & 19th, in Escondido, CA (San Diego) for a transformational weekend experience. Connect to your Inner Goddess, Inner wisdom, power, sexuality, gifts, and Shakti, while connecting to your fellow Goddess Tribe.

It will be a weekend full of intentional movement, celebration, and connection. It will take place in a Private Retreat Home that is serene, holistic, and the perfect intimate setting for this kind of gathering.

I invite you to melt into Bliss, Gratitude, and Divine Connection upon entering the Goddess Temple.

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