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Psychedelic Assisted Therapy - Can it work?

I just came back from the MAPS conference. MAPS is the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. They are revolutionizing the world and medical system by supporting research for the use of Psychedelics and Marijuana in therapy, and other medical, legal, and cultural contexts. Like them, I also believe that when used carefully, psychedelics, including marijuana, are powerful medicines for healing psychological illness and diseases such as addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and even cancer, Alzheimer's, and other autoimmune disorders.

I went with an open heart and a curious mind. I myself have experienced first hand the healing potentials and dangers of psychedelics throughout my personal journey of self-discovery and healing.

At the conference there was definitely a big push for MDMA, Ketamine, and LSD assisted treatments, substances that I experienced and witnessed much abuse of and that probably actually created more trauma and nervous system dis-regulation for me personally, than less. I will say that these compounds were not used or consumed with proper care and or with the awareness needed to handle such powerful substances, and therefore they did not serve me in the way that they are intended to such as in proper therapeutic settings, or as they are being promoted through MAPS, and subsequent movement to legalize them for therapeutic use.

Due to my previous experiences, I tend to be a little biased towards these chemicals and was looking to see where there are efforts being made to avoid these kinds of pitfalls. I went to the conference with sincere curiosity, and left with more confidence, but also with some concerns.

Do I believe that these Psychedelics have the potential to treat a number of psychological conditions and even physical illness, yes. Especially the natural and ancestral ones, but the deeper question for me is whether, MDMA, Ketamine and LSD, can truly support healing and regulation for certain kinds of PTSD? Which yes I do, but only if their delivery incorporates the aspect of spirit - the spiritual /nature component of healing.

At the moment, I prefer more traditional and natural forms and routes of psychedelic use and treatment. For me all plants, and animals, are sentient beings, conscious beings. And therefore hold the potential for healing beyond the reason and logic of the mind and scientific method. The intelligence they carry is more ancient than modern science, and more powerful than our minds. If it wasn’t more powerful than the mind, then it wouldn’t have the power to heal it.

I personally use Cacao, Cannabis, Kambo, Psilocybin, DMT and Ayahuasca for the purpose of healing, managing, and recovering from anxiety, mild-depression and PTSD. I have never gotten an official diagnoses, but that’s because I refuse to be labeled something permanently. I don’t want some file floating around stating that I have any kind of illness or condition. Because I truly believe that it is a condition, not some permanent incurable state of being. And I believe in myself and the power of God, source, life, to provide the medicine I need in every moment.

I am bridge for all these of treatments, so if you are interested in exploring any one of these particular modalities, contact me at


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