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Where the Chakra System, Tantra, Alchemy and Shamanism intersect.

When looking at the philosophy of Tantra Yoga, Egyptian Alchemy, Ancestral and Earth based spirituality aka shamanism, you will see that there are universal principles that link these practices together.

The first principle of the universe is that everything is energy. Everything has a vibration, and frequency, and from these we form everything else, starting with light, color, sound, matter.

The second principle is that we in live in a universe that contains duality. Opposing and complementary forces that are mirrors for the expression of one another.

The third principle is that everything in the natural world is made up of the cardinal elements, earth, water, wind, fire, spirit.

Through the lens of the Chakra system, we can see these three principle forces as work with another.

For one, each Chakra is represented by color, tone and element. Second, each Chakra contains positive/ negative, feminine/masculine, solar/ lunar, yin/yang, and so forth aspects. And Third, because the chakras embody these qualities just mentioned, we can also affect and transform the state and health of each chakra

through quantum physics and the law of attraction.

Quantum Physics? You might ask how this has anything to do with Embodiment Work & Sacred Ceremony, well everything. Quantum physics is how we explain the fact that energy can be manipulated and transformed using sound, vibration, and intention… aka magick!

When we understand that the chakras are a gateway into the energy body, we can use energy medicine to heal ourselves and others. Energy medicine is based on the idea that everything is energy or vibration and frequency, and that vibration and frequency are also what we can use to produce healing. As energy bodies we are directly influenced by sound, intentional words/ affirmations, prayer - intent. In my upcoming course, I will teach

you how to work with the Chakras, Tantra, Alchemy,

and Shamanic Dance to craft ceremony, and spoken prayer to heal yourself and others. Check out the details below…


Prosperity Embodied - Chakra Energy Healers

Mentorship Program & Practitioner Training

A mystery school for healers, Light-workers, Shadow-workers, Empaths, Priests/Priestesses

and Medicine Men/Women

During this program, I will share with you the secrets for unlocking and awakening the chakras. Within each module, you will get my extensive research on chakra spiritual psychology and a step by step guidebook that will outline how you can create your own shamanic alchemical ritual ceremony. I will teach you the fundamentals of Tantra, Shamanism, and Alchemy and how they work together within the scope of energy medicine and magick.

Throughout the course, we will work with Cacao Sacred Plant medicine to activate even more potential for healing, thereby also teaching you how to work with this powerful sacrament for healing yourself and others.

You will also get one on one calls with me, where I will personally hold space for your integration; witnessing and supporting your internal process with quantum energy healing and activations. And, if you need help on your business or offering, I also offer my professional advice for helping you find clarity and resolution on any ideas or projects that you are working on. I will be your biggest cheerleader, teacher and healer as you embark on this deep journey of spiritually awakening.

Starting July 11th 🔥

For more info, visit my page here

Property of Carla Jannette Gonzalez Guerra, Copyright @*2022* Prosperity Embodied 13 Moons; All rights reserved.


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